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Administrative Law – Overview and Explained In 2021

Administrative Law

Over time now, there have been some questions about law adminstration, its use, and other things about it.  Even though there has been some information conveyed about this topic, not so much has come out in clarity. That said, it is important to look into the whole concept of law adminstrtion and see what you need to know about it.

As a citizen of a country, it is essential for you to know what this law is, what it deals with, and other essential factors about the same. This is exactly what this text is all about, from the text below, you will find some notes of administrative law which you need to know.

Whether you are a citizen of America or out of it, you will still find this text useful. It offers you some information on what this kind of law is all about and what you need to know about the same. As you read below you will understand exactly what this law is and what it is all about.  

The genesis of administrative law 

genesis of administrative law 

Law adminstration has such a long history that dates back to so many years long ago. If you read the history of administrative law notes dates back to the way so many years ago. This concept was first conceived back in the United Kingdom.

However, there was a British jurist who rejected the whole concept of administrative law. Up until around the 20th century, the whole concept of administrative law was rejected as a whole concept of law. However, this concept was later on recognized as a branch of law and is now recognized as a branch of law all over.  

Administration law in the United States of America 

Administration law in the United States of America

The issue of administrative law did not have an easy time in America either. Just like the other parts of the world, this concept was also ignored in the United States as well. Back in the day, this law was not accepted in the USA as many people objected to it as well.

However, as years went by, the administrative law became the fourth branch of the state. By this time, there were many law scholars who had authored quite a number of books on the issues of law administration. These books played a big role in spreading awareness on the issue of administrative law which helped so much in its growth. In the year 1933, there was a special committee was formed to determine judicial control over how the administration agencies could be exercised.  

After that in 1946, there was the passage of the administrative procedure act.  The act offered judicial control right over administrative actions. Ever since then, administrative law has grown so much over a period of time. Today, many countries in the world exercise administrative law and it is expected that the number of these countries will go up even in the coming days.  

Reasons why the administrative law has been growing over time 

administrative law has been growing over time

The scope of law administration has been widening over the past years. As time has gone by, many countries have adopted the use of this law, something that accounts for its increased use. If you are wondering why this is the case then you are not alone, there are many other people as well.  

There are quite a number of reasons that speak to the reasons as to why the use of administrative law has widened. If you are wondering why this is the case then read the section below. From the section, you will find some of the best reasons that speak to why this has been the case.  

The welfare state concept 

The change in the state’s nature from the laissez-faire to the welfare state brought with it so many changes. For instance, there were increased government activities that made it necessary to be regulated. A firm regulation of these activities only meant that there needed to be a proper law governing the activities. 

To make a proper regulation of these government activities there needed to be a law coming into place to make a regulation. This is exactly why there was a formation of the administrative law which acted as a regulator of these activities.  

The legislature inadequacy 

The legislature is such a busy institution. Finding time to attend to some other functions that are not its primary mandate is not an easy thing. The ever-changing needs of society have made it hard for the legislature to deliberate on them.  

The length of legislation periods is also another factor that makes it hard for the legislature to attend to some society’s needs. This is exactly why there was the formation of the administrative law which is so essential even now. This rule helps in attending to the social needs which cannot be attended to by the legislature due to its busy schedule.  

The judicial inefficiency 

It is a known fact that the judiciary takes so much time adjudicating on some matters. The same period is also very costly, formal, and also very complex. To make it even worse, there are so many cases that are already lined up in the judiciary. This means that easy disposal of suites is not an easy thing, it definitely is not. This is why there was a need to have a local tribunal handling some of these cases.  

These are some of the reasons that necessitate the need to have an administrative law. This law is so essential and comes with many benefits to many people as well. Clearly from the text above you can see this rule has had so many benefits to provide.  

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to have multiple questions regarding law administration. First you know what is administrative  law from above and then get into the other relevant questions.

Q1. What are 3 sources of administrative law?

A. The major three scources of administrative law is rules and regulations (quasi-legislative activities), decisions in cases brought before agency tribunals (quasi-judicial activities), executive orders and proclamations.

Q2.  What is law enforcement administration?

A.  Law enforcement is a program that allows individuals to apply practices of organization management and criminal justice to the administration of public law enforcement agencies and operations.


The adoption of administrative law has not been short of benefits. It comes with so many benefits from the world over. From the text above, the issue of administrative law has been well addressed with its essence well brought out as well.  

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