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Top 10 Best Immigration Lawyers Of 2021

immigration lawyers

The world is fully invaded by top qualified immigration lawyers with their respective firms. From research done by various institutions and organizations on the top immigration lawyers on how they conduct and execute their cases.

The selection of the lawyers was carried out through a careful and vigilant process of the public affiliate’s votes. Then the particular sources vented into the editorial board platform and analyzed from the in-house committee.

The prospective candidates were interrogated based on their skills and experience within the law society. The detailed data on the advocates of immigration enables travelers and world tours to identify them quickly. This exposes them to top-qualified immigration when the need arises.

The Best Immigration Lawyers To Hire 

immigration lawyers

When traveling or exploring the world, either on vacations or business purposes, you need to secure yourself an immigration lawyer from the largest law firms in America. The particular immigration lawyer will be advising you when touring different parts of the world on legal issues. The lawyer will also be taking care of your issues such as passport and another requirement when needed or when you are facing any trouble from the embassies and immigration offices.

You may wonder where or which platform you can use to search and find the best lawyer around because it is not easy to be exposed to search. Here is a guide and source of the ten best immigration lawyers on the planet.

1. Elsie Hui Arias

 Elsie Hui Arias is one of the best ten immigration lawyers. She is an advocate at Stone Grzegorek and Gonzalez LLP in Los Angeles, CA, in the U.S.A. She is qualified as a consultant in nationality and immigration law. The field is conducted by the small percentage of immigration expertise in the region based on their experience in all aspects of the country’s immigration law.

For almost a decade, Elsie’s performance has focused on immigration, of which she has successfully advocated on behalf of several foreigners. She also has a beautiful experience in other fields of the U.S.A immigration law, which includes citizenship, among many others. She is well educated, with a qualification from other fields such as English literature and might be one of the best for your option.

2. Edward Beshara 

 Edward Beshara, who is the managing associate of Beshara P.A Florida, has intensively practiced immigration law. He has offered solutions on the cases that he has carried out since 1983 on behalf of individual clients and corporate organizations worldwide.

Edward has continued to offer assists and represent a considerable number of foreign nationalities in association with U.S.A conscientiousness on specific projects. He has also prepared and filed petitions with the authentication of investors. 

 Beshara is an affiliate of the preeminent organization based in the U.S.A, and he is serving on a compliance committee. He is definitely among the best immigration lawyers around.

3. Robert Divine 

Robert divine got his immigration law certificate early but refused to agree with several clients that they were not qualified. Then in 2004, he was appointed by the white house as an acting director of the USCIS. While in the committee, he focused on re-grounding his EB-5. 

Divine then departed from the government in 2007 and resumed his role at the law firm, which had around 700 practitioners in 20 offices. He has successfully advocated on behalf of specific projects and approval processes, among other improvements.

Divine has occasionally involved himself in the role of the adjudicator to give out a straightforward filling for easy approvals. Divine has strived to enhance integrity and transparency levels from all sides. He has also helped developers in strategizing about businesses and organizations. Indeed, when opting for immigration lawyers, divine should be among the top.

4. Ignacio Donoso

Having a background in the world’s business immigration and investment in visas, he began advocating on EB-5 cases a decade ago. He is the founder and director of Donoso and Associates LLC in Maryland. His firm focuses on immigration matters. He now specializes in representing investors in several centers.

Donoso finds it amazing to help individuals who want to pursue their dream of living in the United States of America. He also mandates and participates in job creation in the United States.

His peers selected Donoso into the national committee, in which he practices his duties with others to best immigrant lawyers. His main objective is to enhance knowledge in having successful compliance.

5. Charles Foster

Charles Foster is the director of Foster LLP, one of the top best immigration law firms globally. He is among the best immigrant lawyers in that he is the consulate general of the Thailand kingdom. He qualified from the University of Texas, where he attained his Juris Doctorate and Bachelors’ degree.

 Charles Foster served as the immigration policy advisor to former President George W. Bush in 2000-2004. He also served President Barack Obama in 2008 among many other prominent people.

Foster was privileged to hold the first friend of china award and highest awards from the American lawyers’ foundation. He participated in the establishment of the regional centers in the southern part of the nation.

6. Robert Gaffney

Robert Gaffney has been in the field for more than 30 years, helping people and corporations successfully migrate to the U.S. He runs owns Advocate Company. He is fluent in the Mandarin Chinese language, where he conducted his research from.

Gaffney’s law firm specializes in giving independent counsel to immigrants and investor clients at all levels. He is a mentor to many immigration lawyers who are venturing into the field. Also, he has earned an AV rating which is the highest rating for an advocate or attorney’s skill and integrity in a given field.

Robert is an ordinary contributor to legal publications. He enjoys traveling to the world’s various destinations, making it easy to be accessed when needed.

7. Enrique Gonzalez

Gonzalez has been involved with the immigrant course for his entire career. He started in 1994 where he experienced an explosive increase around a decade ago. Currently, he is the managing partner of Fragomen LLP Florida.

Enrique Gonzalez has also worked in the U.S. Senate, and currently, he is working with the other six immigration professionals. His most significant and loyal clients are from Latin America. He is a frequent addresser on immigration issues, making him suitable to be one of the best immigrants’ lawyers in the world.

8. Jennifer Hermansky

Jennifer Hermansky began her first work in the I immigrant department as in investor cases in 2009. She has been involved in center projects handling hundreds of investors’ cases. She works at the Philadelphia office in an advocate firm. She is passionate about her work, making her appear among the top immigrant lawyers in the U.S.

Hermansky has a unique perspective on regional center growth. She helps a lot with business ideas and plans. She has experience in handling matters and petitions, especially when it comes to change in adjudication patterns.

9. David Hirson

  David Hirson has involved himself in the immigration sector since its inception in 1990. He is placed among the most experienced immigration attorneys making him among the best lawyers. He has filed many approved cases on immigration in his first ten years of the immigrant visa program.

Currently, Harson has more than 30 years of experience in the field. He is happy about it as he sees the industry growing and expanding on regional development. Harson established his firm in Newport Beach, California.

10. Kate Kalmykov

Kate is an immigration lawyer and a shareholder in an international law firm that is ranked the highest. With that experience, then she is automatically one of the top lawyers on the planet. She is actively a member of the immigrant law society, and she has been working there for a decade. 

 Kate finds the immigration department is fascinating in that it has gone through potential growth. She also represents both investors and immigrant regional clients. Her work has been quoted in various international media houses and prominent publishers in the Law Journal.


1: What Type Of Lawyer Works With Immigration?

Ans: Immigration attorneys specialise in understanding US immigration law, which is subject to change with each presidential administration, and guiding their immigrant clients through the complex and ever-changing immigration procedure.

2: Are Immigration Attorneys Free?

Ans: An immigration lawyer can assist you avoiding common errors that might result in deportation or a banning your on re-entry to the United States. But, immigration attorneys like the  Legal Aid NSW’s Immigration Service will  offer you free legal advice. So, decide between an immigration attorney vs lawyer to get help on immigration issues.

3: How Much Does An Immigration Lawyer Cost?

Ans: If you consult an immigration lawyer for 30 minutes, it will cost you around $75 – $300 USD. Most of the immigration lawyers’ hourly rates vary from $150 – $350 USD. The estimation of their fees depend on the intensity of your immigration issue, and several other factors.


If you want a distinguished and well-experienced lawyer, then choose from these top 10 immigrant lawyers both in the U.S and the world entirely. Your legal need will determine the lawyer you want and the costs and expenses as professionalism is expensive to hire. If you want to know more about immigration law, or lawyers, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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