April Recap: All About Immigration

April has been a tough month in 2024. It came with tons of surprises and all that. But one of the most pressing issues about these changes in the US is all about immigration.

To be honest, the way of handling the immigration procedure would help in determining the upcoming election results. It would briefly talk about how Biden might not sweep off with all the votes like he did last time. Let’s read about all that happened in immigration in April and how it changed the American political scenario.

Biden Plans on Sweeping Executive Orders to Stop Border Crossings

In April, President Biden hinted at issuing an executive order to dramatically reduce the number of asylum seekers who want to cross the US-Mexico border. Biden has been thinking about enacting this under Section 212 (f) of the INA. This also gives the president the sweeping authority to block any sort of immigration that might prove detrimental to the national interests.

However, the executive order is not finalized as of now and he will soon announce any sort of change in border policy in the coming months.

Trump and House Speaker Pushes the Non-Citizen Voting Bill

House Speaker Mike Johnson, with the help of Donald Trump, is now promoting a new bill that would prevent non-citizens from voting.

Trump has also falsely claimed that this kind of non-citizen voter fraud has cost him his votes in the 2020 Presidential elections. However, representatives from the democratic party even pointed out that it’s rare that such fraud can happen in a federal election.

More than 1 million Indians are Stuck in Employment Green Card Backlog

The USCIS has said that more than 1.2 million Indians are currently waiting for their employment-based Green Card in the US. This massive backlog has created a considerable negative impact on the overall US immigration policies.

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