All You Need to Know About a Super-Strict School in England

Discipline is the backbone of any good school. However, have you heard of a school that follows pin-drop silence when they study?

Over the last decade, the Michaela Community School in Northwest London has held up to its name by being extremely disciplined. They are publicly funded, yet independently run secondary schools that have emerged from the leader movement. It has convinced people that children belonging to a disadvantaged background can come back to the mainstream of life and can succeed in life. All they need is some strict discipline and controlled environments to succeed in their endeavors.

The principal of the school, Katharine Birbalsingh has said that if we strive to work harder, success won’t be an issue for us. She even has a cardboard cutout of Russell Crowe from Gladiator in her office which quotes, “Hold the Line”. She even proclaims herself to be Britain’s strictest headmistress over social media.

Birbalsingh is sometimes criticized as her model to be “oppressive” and “tyrant” in nature. However, she says that children crave discipline and it’s important to pull the fence tight.

Also, the Michaela Community School has the highest rate of academic progress in England than any other school in question. Government schools have made it clear that this approach to teaching is incredible and has increasingly popularized all over the country.

You can say that strict routines are now an obsolete measure, but we can say that this school in England has taken its predicament in its old ways and has improved its name across the world.

Now, many schools are adopting this ideal. Corridors are now silent as a grave and to maintain discipline students are even forbidden to speak with their peers.

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