West Virginia Court Overturns Ban Transgender Girls from Participating in Sports

Transgender rights in the US are looked after well enough. The latest federal court appeal in West Virginia is now allowing trans girls to participate in sports freely.

The court held that it was violating Title IX of the federal civil rights laws. They say it’s prohibited to make any sort of discrimination based on someone’s gender identity. This rule has now created a significant wave of fighting any anti-trans legislation that might be cropping up across the country. Certain efforts are being made to fight back any issues about it.

The ban was originally signed back in the day by Gov. Jim Justice in the year 2021. This was introduced as a gesture to Save Women’s Sports. Hence this required any official or unofficial school to sanction any person if there’s a discrepancy with the person’s biological sex written in the birth certificate than what they are currently identifying as.

The ruling made by the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals arose when a 13-year-old girl was on their way to transformation. The court said just because they are taking puberty-blocking medication, she can identify as a girl if she wishes to.

In February 20234, the court even blocked the school from kicking Becky Pepper Jackson off her middle school track when this new law was imposed.

With new and remarkable judgment, Judge Toby Heytens wrote that it’s completely based on her choice to participate in sports and choose either between being in a boys’ team or the girls’ team.

With the court ruling in favor of the American Civil Liberties Union, it has now arisen a significant voice amongst the people not only about civil rights but also transgender rights.

However, some people like the Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey are deeply disappointed by such a decision. He said that he is going to rake every measure to look forward to the safety of women in sports.

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