Bird Flu Virus Been Found in Milk Sold in US Groceries

The Food and Drug Administration has stated that traces of bird flu virus have been found within 1 in 5 samples of pasteurized milk. This provides a detailed picture of how much of the milk supply has been affected.   

The tested milk has come from a nationally representative sample, with more of the positive results coming from milk within areas with infected herds of dairy cows, the FDA stated. A spokesman from the FDA denied the number of samples that were tested.   

The FDA also stated that it had found viral fragments in commercially sold milk, triggering the Agricultural Department to issue a federal order mandating all dairy cows to be tested for bird flu before they are transported across states.   

Health officials and experts have agreed that pasteurized milk is safe to drink. Moreover, the FDA has detected small pieces of the virus in milk, which is not live, and it is an infectious virus.   

Further, the virus, a strain of bird flu called H5N1, is concerning public health officials because of its high fatality rates. More than half of the individuals who have contracted the illness have died, according to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   

However, the virus does not spread that easily between people, and it can cause severe illness. The only two cases reported in the US – one currently and one in 2022 have been mild.   

The biggest concern has been that it might mutate one day in a way that makes it easier to spread easily between people.

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