South Park the American Sitcom Roasts the US Healthcare Systems

South Park the American Sitcom Roasts the US Healthcare Systems

South Park is one of the most beloved American sitcoms. It highlights the current scenario of the US landscape and creates awareness among individuals.

Trey Parker and Matt Stome have sworn to keep on injecting sharp satire based on their narratives in South Park. In the latest episode in the Paramount+ special, South Park: The End of Obesity witnessed such a thing.

The main premise of the episode was to intricately examine the US healthcare system from a very realistic perspective that’s been in the limelight currently. The story lies about the acquisition of the famous drug Ozempic, a medication that is extremely popular for weight loss and treating diabetes.

In this plotline, Eric Cartman has now been experiencing severe depression and as a result, needs medication to lose weight and treat his diabetes. This would be a great way for him to gain back his confidence. This way, he’s been prescribed Ozempic which would seriously help in gaining back his confidence.

However, the consumption of Ozempic is not easy. The story shows that there are several bureaucratic barriers that ensure people overcome them in order to get their hands on Ozempic. Finally, Kyle makes the decision to help Cartman get through it.

There are many stereotypes introduced here including the fact that ladies are taking Ozempic for fun. The episode also talks about how the lads even discover the homemade version of the medicine and go through some of the impassable obstacles through its legal means.

The episode was applauded by many netizens, and they were extremely happy with teh current portrayal made forward for them.

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