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Yet Another Court Battle On Meta’s Healthcare Privacy Breach

Yet Another Court Battle On Meta’s Healthcare Privacy Breach

United States district judge has allowed plain tips to file claims against Meta. Meta is the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. It is owned by the very popular Mark Zuckerberg.

On Thursday, the judge allowed the plaintiffs to pursue the claim.

Judge William Orrick has made the decision based on California’s privacy statute. The statute governs the contracts related to privacy on Facebook.

What Are The Details Of The Lawsuit?

The lawsuit claims that Meta has been using its tracking tool Meta Pixel to capture confidential healthcare care data.

 The complainants choose to remain anonymous. They are alleging that the Tech giant Meta is using sensitive healthcare information. When patients access healthcare portals that have Meta Pixel installed, they get access to sensitive health data about them.

Claims Of The Parties

The lawsuit claims a certain amount in the form of damages for all the Facebook users whose information Facebook illegally collected.

The legal preceding started in June 2020. At least 664 Healthcare providers were using the metal pixel platform back then.

Meta has argued that the usage of this platform was at the discretion of the providers. This means that they claim that the providers are responsible instead of meta.

What Does The Judge Say?

The judge has posed a challenge to this response. He has questioned the method of steps to prevent the transmission of patient details.

This case is one of the many Meta has been handling lately. All of the lawsuits involve illegitimate access to third-party data.

Why Are Privacy Laws Important?

Privacy in healthcare is very important. It’s your health. It’s personal.

Imagine you go to the doctor, and they ask about your health history. You tell them things in confidence. You know they wouldn’t tell anyone else. You trust them to keep your information private.

There are specific health care laws in the USA that say doctors and hospitals must protect your health info. The most important one is the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It’s like a shield for your personal health details.

What Can You Do In These Cases?

Understand your privacy rights and laws. Keep records of any evidence that can show a breach. It can include emails, notifications, or other suspicious activities related to the data breach.

Report the breach to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you see that no specific action is being taken, contact your lawyer!

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