Cyberattacks On HealthCare Network Ascension

Cyberattacks On HealthCare Network Ascension

Healthcare plays an important role in the US. However, it’s also the sector that is the most vulnerable to cyberattacks. This Thursday, there was a cyberattack all over the nation that created an alarming surge in breaches.

Healthcare workers in several states including Wisconsin, Florida, and Michigan reported massive interruptions in patient care on Thursday. Ascension, one of the largest private healthcare systems all over the country, was mostly tussled with this attack.

On the other hand, the St. Louis-based health system has around 140 hospitals across the country that claimed that they first felt the attack on Wednesday. That day, their clinical operations were extremely hampered and pushed several hospitals to sever their connections with the online system.

The Ascension breach, on the other hand, comes with renewed scrutiny at this point. It has majorly increased its impact on healthcare and has taken serious steps to properly combat the increasingly common cyberattacks.

The United Health Group CEO is called upon to testify before Congress about the attack of such ransomware. The CEO, Andrew Witty commented that the estimated breach roughly affected more than one-third of Americans.

Moreover, the healthcare workers in Ascension Wisconsin sites exclaim that they did not have any access to Epic. Epic is a software system that stores the data of patients and other medical information.

The interruption with the cyberattacks thus exclaims that the doctors and the nurses cannot see the medical history or any other information about the patients. Healthcare workers thus exclaimed that they had to use paper records to track patient conditions and write proper prescriptions.

Tracey Schwerdtfeger, a registered nurse in St. Francis Hospital under Ascension exclaimed that this is one of the most serious crises someone has ever faced in decades. She called the healthcare workers, “paralyzed” because there was nothing to do on that accord.

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