Women Fearing for Their Health and About Their Ozempic Babies

Women Fearing for Their Health and About Their Ozempic Babies

There has been a considerable buzz around the world of healthcare about how Ozempic has been having adverse side effects on our bodies. This not only goes for women, but the men were equally worried as well.  

Women even thought that with Ozempic’s considerable side effects, they wouldn’t be able to conceive. They were intensely worried about their childbirth and motherhood and also lost all their hopes.  

Now, let us tell you a beautiful story. Catera Bentley, a woman residing in Steele Alabama, got diagnosed with PCOS. She was on a weight loss journey and started taking Ozempic to quickly lose weight.  

The Bentley family has been trying to conceive for the last 5 years but weren’t successful. This broke Catera’s heart and her lifelong dream to become a mother.  

However, one fine day, she called her husband back home saying there was a giant spider on the loose. When her husband came back, she surprised him with the news of her being pregnant. She took 3 pregnancy tests just to be sure about it.  

This majorly happened when she started taking Ozempic and her metabolism was fixed for good. She started having regular periods and her signs of PCOS were also almost gone.  

However, you might have a concern that taking Ozempic and having a baby might come with its side effects. Dr. Judy Dushay talks about what are the implications of Ozempic on the baby at an early stage.  

The doctors however recommend that women should stop taking Ozempic two months before trying to get pregnant. Since Ozempic is a GLP-1 receptor agonist, it comes with numerous side effects. Hence, it’s natural for the mothers to worry about their “Ozempic babies”.  

Doctors say that Ozempic tends to manipulate the appetite, metabolism, and insulin of the body with its active ingredient called semaglutide. Even though there have been no genuine side effects discovered about the fetus, it’s highly recommended that one step with caution.

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