Black Men Sue American Airlines for Racial Discrimination

Black men sue American Airlines for racial discrimination after being removed from a flight

There are three black male employees of American Airlines helplessly present a federal lawsuit against the company, claiming that the airline has discriminated against them purely based on color. The men asserted they were two of the eight Black men who were ejected from a flight destined for New York from Phoenix in January 2023 just because of their skin color. 

 As per the lawsuit, one of the men was told by an American Airlines worker they were ejected because of a complaint involving a black passenger’s body odor, despite no individual averting this. The men protested that they had not had any foul smell on their bodies and were not acquaintances.  

In response, American Airlines has stated that the company is not aware of such incidents and that they are looking into the matter, as they oppose the activities and do not acknowledge the claims that are against the company’s policies and mission of helping the people. They are asking for compensation for an unlawful act, and the complaint also highlights other instances of racial profiling by the airline, such as the NAACP travel advisory issued in 2017 on potential safety risks for Black people traveling with American Airlines.  

Whenever the two men ventured aboard a flight, they were not only traumatized and humiliated but also did not want to be airborne ever again after the incident happened. The case helps the understanding of the problem of race discrimination in the airline industry and the community’s demand for action and responsibility to change that situation. 

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