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What Is The H4 Visa? What Are Its Requirements?

h4 visa

Today, we talk about the much useful H4 visa.  Well, what is h4 visa? This is the type of visa that the government issues for dependant members of the H1-B holder’s family. In short, it includes their spouse and their children who are less than 21 years of age. 

Therefore, if you are willing to join your family (the H1B holder in the US), the H4 visa is your golden ticket.

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How To Apply For H4 Visa?

To understand the different benefits that an H4 Visa holder can enjoy, let us understand how to apply for it first. So, these are the steps that you will need to go through in order to apply for the H4 Visa. 

You Can Start With An Online Application

There are different forms available online. One such form is the DS-160. You can fill it out online. Thus, you start off by making an H4 visa application. After this you get a DS-160 barcode. 

Therefore, you will need a printed copy of this barcode confirmation page. Make sure to carry it along with you for your visa interview.  

Remember To Pay The H4 visa fee

The cost for an H4 visa is equal to other visas like it. Right now, it’s $205 to apply for this visa. Therefore, you must make sure to pay this amount and keep the receipt safe. After all, you’ll use it later on when you’re going through the application process.

Now, The Next Step Is Scheduling The Visa Interview

Once you’ve submitted the DS-160 form, make sure to book your interview at the US Embassy. On that note, make sure to check out our article on consulate vs embassy.  

Therefore, this is an extreme step when you apply for an H4 visa. So, the quicker you set up this interview, the sooner you’ll wrap up your entire H4 visa application. After scheduling, you’ll receive a confirmation letter. 

Moreover, you must make sure to keep it safe for future use.

Arrange For The Following Documentation

Getting an H4 visa is a simple process. However, it is best to keep all documents prepared for a smooth and easy process. For your convenience, we have put together a list of the necessary documents for an H4 Visa. 

– The applicant’s valid passport. However, it should contain at least one empty page.

– Completed DS-160 application form.

– Two passport-sized photos for the US visa.

– Copies of the H visa holder’s visa. Thus, this is where the role of the primary visa holder comes into the play. 

–  Proof of payment of the application fee of $160 for non-immigrants. 

– Copies of the parent’s or the spouse’s forms. 

Forms To Keep Handy

The following forms are of use in this case. 

  1. I-129 form and 
  2. I-797 form.
  3. The Labor Certification Application (commonly called the LCA).

– You can provide proof of previous work experience. For example, it can be letters for your spouse or parent.

– A photocopy of your spouse’s or parent’s passport showing a clear photo.

– Original birth certificate if you’re the child of the H visa holder.

– Your spouse’s or parent’s US employment confirmation letter.

– Lastly, you can provide the recent pay slips and other forms of proof. Therefore, an account of the up-to-date tax filings of the spouse or parent who is US-employed will also be required. 

What Are The Requirements Of Marriage certificate For An H4 Visa?

Firstly, if you have any doubts on this subject, a spouse visa attorney will provide personalized help. 

Did you know that some people try to falsely claim marriage to get benefits out of the H4 Visa? Therefore, you’ll need to show proof one has legitimately tied the knot. Moreover, the visa requirements state that you need to follow your country’s marriage customs for the process. 

Thus, in some cases, this might include the involvement of a registrar. 

What Constitutes As Evidence For A Valid Marriage Under The Visa?

So, are you stuck wondering, “how to apply h4 visa”? Well, if you want to apply for an H4 Visa as a spouse, here’s what you can provide as evidence. 

– Wedding photos clearly showing the spouse (primary visa holder) and the applicant.

– A guest list from the wedding.

– Wedding invitations.

– Receipts for wedding expenses.

– Lastly, booking confirmations for any trips that you take as a couple. This could preferably be the honeymoon or any other trips that the couple takes after getting married.

Had A Registrar-Registered Marriage? What Now?

Moreover, if your marriage was only registered at the registrar, the list of documents may differ. Thus, you may require the following. 

– Copies of the affidavit that the registrar has signed. 

– Photos of the couple while they sign their marriage certificate.

– Lastly, pictures of the witnesses and the person who officiated the ceremony.

And In Comes The Next Step- Get The Visa

If you find yourself patiently waiting for your visa, you could quickly check its status from the official website. It is one run by the United States Embassy. Moreover, you should not have any trouble finding it because it is where you first applied for an H4 Visa. 

Thus, the Embassy will keep notifying you once through the process of your H4 visa. Once you’ve got the H4 visa, the next step is the stamping process, which is the final requirement before the said trip. 

If you live outside the country, you have multiple options available. So, you could have applied for the visa through the US Embassy. Thus, it cam be the same one through which the primary visa holder applied. It can be a spouse or parent. 

However, if your home country and your spouse’s are different nationalities, you can submit the application for the H4 visa through the USCIS portal.

What To Do When You Get Your H4 Visa?

Well, apart from the benefits that you get, once you’ve got the H4 visa, there are still a few formalities left on your part. So, the next step for you will be the visa stamping process. It is, fortunately, the final requirement before your trip to the US. 

If you live outside the US, you must have applied for the visa at the US Embassy where your spouse applied. Additionally, you may have applied in your home country if your spouse in from a different nation. However, if you are already in the US, your H4 visa application is submitted through the USCIS portal. 

What Is The H4 Visa Processing Time?

The H4 visa processing time varies by country. If applying together the H4 processing times may be similar with the initial H-2A visa holder. Thus, the primary H visa application here is the most important and discerning factor. Ultimately it can come down to the fact of how busy the embassy is.

Moreover, you must remember that during the visa interview the authorities will ask you all sirts of questions. For example, they will want to know the reasons behind your marriage, your spouse’s details, and what is your motive of visit.

Thus, you must be careful enough the provide proper and correct details. Any mistakes in the application will lead to a longer waiting period. Inconsistencies may even lead to your application getting rejected altogether. 

To Conclude

If you currently have the H4 visa in hand, or any US other visa for that matter, read on! Your visas are not to ensure an unquestionable entry into the US. Entry decisions are solely a decision that port of entry officers can take. Moreover, the Department of Homeland Security also has the final say in the matter. 

Therefore, if the Federal Government finds it safe for you to enter the grounds of the United States, you have got the green flag. Remember, if you are facing problems regarding visa applications, delays, green cards, or any other citizenship-related issues, consulting a citizenship lawyer might be a good option.

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