Inspiring a Healthy Workforce in 2024

Inspiring a Healthy Workforce

Stress from COVID-19 has shaken employees’ sense of stability in ways nobody has anticipated. Along with this, it has also made many realize the instabilities the employees had been facing before and during the pandemic.   

The realization has made it more important for employers to improve their wellness strategy to assist employees in taking a comprehensive approach to improving their performance on the job.   

Brent Hunter, general manager at Cigna Healthcare’s MidAmerica market, has stated, “Our overall health and wellbeing is dynamic and multi-dimensional. It is more than physical and mental health. It is everything that impacts our ability to pursue life with health, strength and energy — our vitality”.  

 “That’s why, at Cigna, our goal is to help improve the health and vitality of all those we serve,” he added.   

As per the data published by the Health Enhancement Research Organization, business leaders have been overwhelmingly promoting wellness. This is because they think that the promotion of wellness will have a positive impact on employee productivity and performance.   

Moreover, beyond the importance of behavioral health, employers across the US are also focusing on the overall well-being of the workforce. Organizations with the most effective wellness programs have noted the presence of top-down leadership support; alongit should also be transparent regarding the programs and offer incentives with easier access to health platforms.   

We have also observed that onsite health screenings for employees and health data shared with team members make a huge impact on the well-being of employees within organizations.   

However, there’s a challenge that comes to both employees and employers in dealing with behavioral health. This is the shortage of providers within the US, meaning there are very few individuals having the capacity to improve the behavioral health of employees in various organizations in the nation. 

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