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What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do? When To Hire Them?

What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do

The United States has the most immigrants in the whole world, with 50.6 million people. This is about 15.3% of all the people in the USA and 18% of all the immigrants around the world.

The top 3 countries where most of the immigrants come from the USA are Mexico, with 100,325 people, India, with 46,363 people; and China, with 41,483 people. This is closely followed by the Dominican Republic, with 30,005 people.

These numbers show where many people come from when they move to the USA to live and work. 

Is there a lawyer to help with the process of getting a work or study Visa in the USA or another country? Can they help out with the requirements for a green card, permanent residency, or citizenship in the USA or a foreign country? Can they assist with the application process? Is there anyone to help you out with the deportation proceedings? Do you have family members abroad who want to join your country? Is family-based immigration possible? 

Where there is immigration, there are immigration-related problems. 

All of the above mentioned problems can be handled by an immigration lawyer. They are lawyers who can help you invest and start a business in another country. They can also help you through the legal complexities of an inter-country marriage.

So, let us get on with it. 

First, What Is Immigration?

Immigration is the official name for the process of people moving from one country to another. It can be with the intention of residing there permanently, for a short period, or for an extended period. People immigrate in search of new opportunities, good education, better job opportunities, better living conditions, or to join family members.

The History Of Immigration Laws In The USA

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, a lot of people came to the USA from other countries. They wanted better jobs and a new life here. This time was called the “Age of Mass Immigration.” Many immigrants came because they didn’t have good opportunities in their home countries. In the USA, they saw a chance for jobs, land, and freedom.

When they arrived in the USA, their documents and whereabouts were processed at a place called Ellis Island in New York. It was like a big checkpoint where they had to show their papers before entering the country.

The USA slowly became a melting pot, which means it had lots of people from different cultures living together as one big community. The immigrants worked in industries like mining, factories, and building things. They helped the country grow and become stronger.

This period of immigration shaped the USA’s culture and made it a diverse and vibrant place. With so many immigrants from different countries, there became an urgent need for immigration laws in the land.

The first immigration law was called the Naturalization Act of 1790.  It was created and passed by the United States Congress in 1790. It applied to all such immigrants who wanted to become U.S. citizens. The law allowed only “free white persons” of good moral character to become citizens. This only goes on to show how much immigration laws have changed over the past century.

The process of immigration is sensitive and complex. Immigrants may face various legal problems that require assistance from immigration lawyers on these issues.

Immigrants may encounter problems with their visas, such as expiration, extensions, or changes in immigration status, leading to potential legal complications.

Deportation and Removal Problems

Immigrants facing deportation or removal proceedings need legal representation to defend their rights and explore potential remedies to stay in the country.

Asylum and Refugee Crises

Those seeking asylum or refugee status due to fear of persecution in their home country need legal help to present a strong case and navigate the complex legal process.

Joining Family Members

Immigrants may face legal hurdles when sponsoring family members to join them in the new country, requiring legal expertise to ensure a smooth reunification process.

Immigrants looking for work may face challenges obtaining proper work authorization or navigating employment-related visa applications.

Challenges of Discrimination and Civil Rights Violations

Immigrants may experience discrimination or rights violations, necessitating legal advocacy to uphold their rights under the law.

Language Barriers

Language barriers may lead to difficulties in understanding legal documents and procedures, underscoring the need for language assistance and legal representation.

Changing Immigration Policies

Changes in immigration laws and policies can affect immigrants’ legal status, necessitating legal guidance to navigate the evolving landscape.

Immigration Lawyer- Who Are They?

An immigration lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in helping people with immigration-related issues. They are trained and experienced in the laws and regulations concerning immigration to a specific country, like the United States.

What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do? How Can They Help You?

An immigration lawyer assists people with their immigration goals by providing legal advice, preparing applications, representing them in court, and ensuring that their immigration process goes smoothly. They help with visas, green cards, citizenship, family reunification, asylum, and other immigration matters.

If you are looking to immigrate or have immigrated, and you found yourself Googling “immigration lawyer near me,” you are headed the right way. They use their expertise to help immigrants figure out the complex details of immigration laws. This is what an immigration lawyer can do to help you out.

An immigration lawyer meets with clients, gets to know about their immigration needs and goals, and helps them get visas or immigration benefits. They give their expert advice on the best course of action.

Application Preparation

They assist clients in preparing and organizing all the necessary documents and paperwork required for immigration applications, such as visa applications, green card petitions, and citizenship applications.

Form Submissions

Immigration attorneys/lawyers ensure that all forms and applications are correctly filled out and submitted to the appropriate government agencies in a timely manner.

Communication On Your Behalf

They communicate with government immigration offices and respond to any requests or inquiries on behalf of their clients.

Court Representation In Case Of Deportation

If a client faces deportation proceedings or immigration-related court hearings, an immigration lawyer represents them in court. They fight by advocating for their rights.

Family Immigration

Immigration attorneys can help you get family-based immigration. They can arrange for you to sponsor relatives to come to the country.

Help With Employment Matters

They are experts who guide clients through employment-based immigration processes, such as obtaining work visas or employer-sponsored green cards.

Refugee Crisis

These are lawyers who help cliets apply for help and government-provided relief, such as asylum or refugee status. This is essential for those avoiding persecution or danger in their home countries, like the Dalai Lama.

How Much Does An Immigration Lawyer Cost?

If you are in search of a free immigration lawyer or are looking to know an immigration lawyer salary, we are here to help you. The cost of hiring an immigration attorney can differ based on different things.

Some factors include the type of service that is needed in your case, how complicated your immigration needs are, the lawyer’s hourly rate or fixed fee, and the government filing fees.

  • If you want to have a talk with an immigration lawyer to get advice, many lawyers provide free first consultations. 
  • It usually costs between $75 and $250. Some lawyers give discounted first consultations. 
  • Some lawyers offer free-of-charge services for the ones who are unable to afford a legal fee. You can try consulting with your local Legal Aid Offices for pro bono services.  
  • For regular immigration services like getting a green card, becoming a citizen, or seeking asylum, the cost can range from $300 to $7,000.
  • But if you need help with deportation defense, it could be higher, between $4,000 to $12,000, or even more.

Thus, this is most of what you need to know about immigration attorneys. Hope you found the article helpful!


The whole process of immigration is, therefore, not as daunting as it sounds. If you fit the requirements as listed by the federal laws of the United States and find an immigration attorney best suited to your specific needs, it could be a cakewalk. We do hope that you found this article helpful, and be sure to reach out to us in case of any doubts or questions! 

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