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Legit Advice For Italian Immigration Through The Investor Visa Route

Italian Immigration

If you are searching for some legit advice for Italian immigration by investor visa route, then you are just in the right place. 

Legal immigration sets you on the path to starting a new life and exploring fresh opportunities in a different country. 

Italy is the heart of the culture. UNESCO declared it a world heritage site. Italy has to offer Mediterranean culture, beaches, the history of the Italian immigration museum, and lakes. 

Italy is among the most popular destinations for aspiring immigrants as it offers a mix of lifestyle and financial opportunities. 

Multiple immigration alternatives take its popularity a step further. You can obtain citizenship through ancestral connections, marriage, or naturalization. The investor visa route comes to your rescue if you do not qualify for the other routes. 

If you want to get a better understanding, there’s an interesting article written by Bersani Law on the nitty-gritty of the investor visa process. Let us share some legit advice for Italian immigration through this route.

Legit Advice For Italian Immigration

Legit Advice For Italian Immigration

1. You Can Check Multiple Funding Alternatives

Although the investor visa for Italian immigration is mainly about massive funding, things are different with the Italian version. You may enter with thousands instead of millions as it has multiple funding alternatives for aspiring immigrants. 

These include a minimal investment of €250,000 to an innovative startup, although you can go big with €500,000 in an established business if you are not comfortable with startup investment. 

Other options include €1 million as a donation for a welfare project or a purchase of government bonds worth €2 million.

2. You Need Not Get The Money At The Outset

Besides providing diverse funding alternatives, the Italian investor visa process does not require you to get the money at the outset. 

You only require bank statements to validate your investment capacity. Another good thing about the route is its suitability for family immigration as you need not bring extra funds for each family member. 

You can bring them along by providing proof of income that is enough to support them financially.

In the early 20th century, anti-Italian immigration cartoons spread in Italy. Many cartoons were published in “Time Magazine” and other newspapers. 

Anti-Italian immigration cartoons refer to Italian immigrants as unfit for the culture and workplace of Italy. However, it’s now past. In this 21st century, after globalization, every culture and country is open to all with rules and regulations. 

3. Your Paperwork Should Be In Place

When you are applying for an investor visa for Italian immigration, you must gather all legal documents properly. 

Experts recommend getting your paperwork in place to close the legal process without delays. The good thing is that the documentation requirements for an Italian investor visa are minimal. 

You require bank statements as proof of legit funds for getting your nulla osta or certificate of no impediment. 

Get it on time to prevent last-minute hassles. Additionally, you will need your passport, a CV, a driving license, consent proof for the investment, and a description of the investment.

Make sure your all documents are original and xerox copies must have been attested by any government officers.

Italian Immigration importance

Italy has to offer Mediterranean culture, beaches, the history of the Italian immigration museum, and lakes. 

4. Italian Immigration: You Must Have The Funds Ready Before Landing

Please remember this process of investor visa route for Italian Immigration. Although the funds have to come only after the completion of the Italian investor visa process, you should have them ready before landing. 

You must deposit them within a three-month deadline after obtaining the Italian residence permit, which happens right after coming to the country. 

A failure to deposit the committed investment within the period risks being sent back home. Therefore, you must deposit the money within a limited time. 

5. You Can Stay For The Long Haul

For Italian Immigration, another valuable piece of advice worth considering with the Italian investor visa is to be ready to invest for the long haul to unlock citizenship by naturalization. 

Consider it a small price for one of the most coveted passports for yourself and your family. A ten-year stay in the country makes you eligible for citizenship, provided you hold your funds through the period.

The Italian investor visa route can be a breeze, provided you are ready with the funds and paperwork. Follow this legit advice to wrap up the process at the earliest and start a new life in the country.

Benefits Of Investor Visa Route For Italian Immigration

Italian Immigration benefits
1. You will be eligible for Italian citizenship after living for 10 years.
2. You’ll get free travel within the Schengen Zone. 
3. You can include your family member in the application for an Investor visa. 
4. You and your family will be eligible to work in Italy.
5. You’ll benefit from a special tax regime.
6. Plus, you’ll also benefit from the Italian National Public Healthcare. 

Final Words 

Now you know how to get Italian immigration via the investor visa route. It carries a history as well as a future. 

This legit advice will effectively work to get immigration. Well, this article can meet your queries. If you have any more questions, you can ask by commenting below. 

I would like to answer your queries. 


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