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Moving To Italy- How Legal Immigration Is Simpler Than You Imagine?

3 Mins Read September, 09 2022 Posted by Susmita Sen

Immigration is a growing trend, with more and more people moving overseas for better lifestyles and opportunities. Some countries are more popular than others as immigration destinations because they offer excellent amenities and an easy way in. Italy tops the list because it is a winner on both fronts.

Getting in is a breeze, specifically with the investor visa route. According to the team of Investor Visa for Italy LLC, the route works for almost anyone with adequate funding capacity. There are more facts that legal immigration simpler than you imagine. Let us highlight them.

Multiple Citizenship Routes

Italy offers multiple citizenship streams, and you may qualify for a second passport without much hard work. For example, ancestral connections let you in by the descent route, while marrying an Italian qualifies you through marriage.

You become eligible for naturalization after completing a decade in the country. You only need to understand the eligibility requirements for each route and complete the process. Getting dual citizenship can be a breeze if you qualify for one of these alternatives. Landing as a citizen gives you a smooth start.

Fast-Track Residency With Investor Visa

While dual citizenship options may be open for many people, not everyone can qualify for them. But you can qualify for fast-track residence with an investor visa. Here are some reasons for making it an excellent option-

  • Multiple funding options make it accessible to more immigrants as you can apply with a minimum investment of €250,000 instead of millions.
  • A fast process with only two steps makes it possible to land in Italy within months instead of years.
  • You bring the funds only after completing the process and getting an Italian residency, so your money is not at risk.
  • You can get your family along without additional funding, provided you prove the ability to support them.
  • The investor visa is a pathway to Italian citizenship by naturalization, as a ten-year stay in Italy makes you eligible for a second passport.
  • You get several benefits even as a resident, so life in Italy is a breeze because you can live and work in the country, access quality education and healthcare, and travel visa-free to the EU.

Availability Of Expert Assistance

Legal Italian immigration boils down to choosing an apt route according to your eligibility and following the process. Although you have multiple options, they can overwhelm you. But the good thing is that you can easily get expert assistance to unlock one of the best passports without going wrong at any stage.

A professional ensures no errors and omissions and guides you from start to end. You can focus only on the practical aspects of relocation without worrying about the legal formalities. Most processes can happen at your local consulate, so you need not even travel to Italy. Moving to Italy can be easy, provided you pick the right path and have a reliable expert to show the way. You need not worry about the legal steps or errors because your immigration partner can handle them for you.

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