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Federal Court Delivers A Ruling On US-Mexico Border Measures

Federal Court Delivers A Ruling On US-Mexico Border Measures

In New Orleans, a federal court of appeal has delivered a ruling on a U.S-Mexico border.

Through the ruling, the appeals court has allowed a floating barrier on Texas’ section of the Rio Grande to stay in place. However, this Thursday’s ruling also states that the state of the border will remain this way only for now. It could change later if the Court orders so.

This ruling comes a day after a judge mentioned that the buoys were a threat to the safety of migrants. The buoys were apparently straining the relations between the U.S. and Mexico, they said.

The order comes from a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. It has, for now, halted the execution of another ruling. 

The former ruling directed the Texas government to move the large buoys on the river in a week’s time.

This barrier in question is located near the Texas city of Eagle Pass. Here, the Republican party-led government has sanctioned multiple aggressive measures. 

As we very well know, Republicans have always protested against migrants illegally crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.

Thus, Gov. Greg Abbott has authorized the measures at the US-Mexico border to promote discouragement of these migrants.

The stay order was granted by the New Orleans-based appeals court. It officially lets the barrier remain in the water for now.

This ruling came as a result of a lawsuit initiated by the Justice Department. 

It is one of the rare cases where the President Biden administration has gone to court to challenge Texas’ border policies.

Austin’s District Judge David Ezra had earlier ordered the government of Texas to move the barrier away from the middle of the Rio Grande into the riverbank,

The barrier expands roughly through a 1,000-foot area.  The Judge called it a threat to human life”.  

This barrier was apparently causing an obstruction on the waterway. The Mexican government has also spoken out against the barrier.

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