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More States Of The US To Ban Abortion, Completely

Ban Abortion

An addition of four states is to be made to the existing list of abortion-banning states in the US. These trigger bans result from none other than the Republican-led states. The Republicans have kept their pro-life choices a quite public right from the beginning. 

These almost complete bans on the process of abortion are to take effect by the next week. The bans are being put to practice two months after the game-changing overturn of the landmark judgment of Roe v. Wade was announced by the United States Supreme Court. 

Out of the thirteen states which are currently exercising trigger bans, most of the states started implementing these anti-abortion laws as soon as the relevant high court declared that abortion was not guaranteed as a constitutional right. 

Idaho, Tennessee, and Texas waited mostly 30 days post-judgment to introduce any law on the subject. Anti-abortion laws of North Dakota are all set to take effect this week. 

However, no massive change is expected to happen as procedures furthering abortion have already been kept in check all across the country. Professionals and consultants, all fear the legal trouble that they could be facing post the June ruling delivered by the Supreme Court of the land. 

What women and civil rights advocates fear is that these trigger ban laws make no exceptions for pregnancies arising out of adverse conditions like rape or incest.

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