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Religious Right In The US At The Focal Point Of Anti-LGBTQ Messages Across The World

3 Mins Read July, 07 2023 Posted by Jyoti Jha

In a recent observation, it has been observed that a right-leaning religious group has developed a web for raising funds to restrict the rise of LGBTQ movements. This means this group has been raising money across the globe for the purpose of raising anti-LGBTQ movements and messages across the globe. 

The US evangelical preacher and anti-LGBTQ supporter Scott Lively while landing in Uganda, warned about the “gay agenda” that has been spreading across the globe inspite of facing disputes in his home fronts. 

More and more states within the United States are known to recognize the occurrence of same-sex marriage, and many Americans have also been noted to showcase the least amount of objection to the same.

On the other hand, Scott Lively has someone who was seen going to Uganda to instigate an uprising to go against any policies that favored the LGBTQ community. This means the religious preacher has been promoting the rise of the anti-LGBTQ movement beyond the borders of the United States. 

Due to this, we have seen a sudden rise in anti-LGBTQ legislation that has been sweeping across the United States. Moreover, the actions of Lively can also be seen across various nations of the globe. Africa is one region that the preachings of Scott Lively have highly influenced. 

Lively stated that the LGBTQ movement is trying to “groom young boys,” which is leading to the promotion of pedophilia. He warns that if nations give permission for the rise of LGBTQ movements, then the left and LGBTQ individuals will promote blasphemy. 

The Threat Of Right-Leaning Religious Movements For The Rise Of Anti-LGBTQ Messages Across The Globe

Various nations across the world have been noted for the purpose of following the anti-LGBTQ messages, which shows the rise of ways America’s evangelical and catholic right-leaning groups have increased in 15 years’ time. 

Due to this, a rise in the anti-LGBTQ web has been funded and developed for the purpose of sharing messages with like-minded individuals for the purpose of stopping the passing of pro-LGBTQ legislation and policies. 

Africa, eastern Europe, and Latin America are regions that often act as breeding grounds for the US to develop strategies and fight legal battles. However, the new global culture front has been noted to push instances of banning the pride flag, book bans, and recording of a state bill targeting 491 states to ban LGBTQ rights. 

Rise Of Social Imperialism Across The Globe

Many non-western nations have stated that the nations from the West come to their nations for business but also impose colonialism within their states. This is because many religious leaders have profited from the purpose of preaching religious notions in regions like Africa. 

Moreover, it has also been noted that these Western religious leaders have been trying to impose their social values within the region they are preaching, which can be greatly defined as colonialism

So, it can be stated that right-leaning religious groups in the United States are increasingly trying to impose their anti-LGBTQ messages across the world to change the rights that are enshrined in all human beings, irrespective of their sexual orientation.

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