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What Happens If You Call Immigration On Someone? Find Out!

what happens if you call immigration on someone

What happens if you call immigration on someone? Concerns about someone’s immigration status might lead you to consider reaching out to immigration authorities. However, making this call isn’t something to take lightly.

It could feel daunting, particularly if you’re unsure of the possible outcomes or concerned about safety. Naturally, questions may arise about what follows if you decide to contact them. Thus, it is always best to consult an immigration lawyer.

There are some key aspects to consider if you’re contemplating reaching out to immigration authorities. Like, who handles immigration enforcement? 

Why might you contact immigration? What occurs after making the call? Will your report be anonymous?

Could the reported person be arrested or deported by immigration officials? Will you be required to testify?

Understanding these factors can provide clarity on what to expect and the implications of reaching out to immigration authorities. Afterall, there could be considerable effects on someone’s immigration status. Thus, in this article, we will touch upon the issue of what happens if you call immigration on someone.

Calling immigration on someone refers to the act of contacting immigration authorities to report concerns or suspicions regarding an individual’s immigration status or related violations. This often involves reaching out to designated hotlines. 

Additionally, multiple agencies, or officials and providing information on someone’s residency, visa status, may also be involved. There may also be activities such as infringing upon immigration laws. 

When Do You Call Immigration On Someone?

what happens if you call immigration on someone? Before we answer this question, let us find out when a person calls immigration on the other person.

Reporting Someone’s Immigration Status 

When you report someone’s immigration status, it means telling immigration authorities about doubts or suspicions you have. These doubts may be regarding the way a person is staying in the country.

This usually involves calling a special number or contacting certain people who handle immigration issues. People do this when they think someone might be staying in the country illegally or breaking the rules of their visa. 

Whom Do You Report To When Reporting For Immigration?

Before we understand what happens if you call immigration on someone, let us find out whom we report to.

In the US, the immigration laws are overseen by an organization called U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They’re responsible for enforcing the rules about who can come into, stay, or leave the country.

Therefore, ICE is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The authorities created this to protect the borders and make sure the immigration system works as it should.

When one wants to report any dishonest or illegal actions about immigration, they may want to report matters like fake papers or visas. Thus, for this purpose, you can get in touch with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. They handle complaints about fraud in things like asylum applications or work visas. 

Why Report Someone’s Immigration Status?

What happens if you call immigration on someone? More importantly, why would you report someone to immigration?

People report someone’s immigration status for different reasons. It might be because they suspect that person is staying in the country without permission. Additionally, it may be that they’re doing something illegal.

Sometimes, it’s because they believe that person might be doing something dangerous or against the law.

You might be thinking about reaching out to ICE for various reasons. For example, there may be worries about an undocumented person in your area.

Additionally, if you notice something suspicious about how a local business deals with immigration, it might qualify as a reason. Perhaps someone you know got deported and has come back to work near you. There are many reasons why you might feel like getting in touch with ICE.

Therefore, some of these include reporting if you reasonably suspect an undocumented person of these offenses.

  • Human trafficking, smuggling, forced labor, or slavery.
  • Bringing illegal drugs into the country.
  • Sneaking weapons into the country.
  • Acts of terrorism.
  • Hiring people who don’t have the right papers.
  • Fraud related to government benefits.
  • Spying or betraying the country. 

How To Report Suspected Immigration Activity?

If you suspect any of the mentioned activities related to immigration, you can make a report by calling 866-DHS-2-ICE. You can use their website to get in touch online.

When you contact ICE, it’s important to provide detailed descriptions of the person involved. Additionally, it is also helpful to provide any information you have.

Essential details to offer include the person’s name and address.

Furthermore, you can provide a physical description, where you’ve seen them, and details of any actions you saw. Also, you cannot merely just state what you have heard. 

What Happens After You Report Someone To Immigration?

So, what happens if you call immigration on someone? When you report someone to immigration, things can happen. They might check into that person’s situation and see if the concerns are true. Depending on what they find, they might take action.

Therefore, this could mean looking more into that person’s immigration papers. However, in some cases, they may even arrest someone or send them out of the country. 

To Conclude

After you report someone, you might wonder what you’ll have to do next. Sometimes, you might have to give more information or talk more about what you know. But not always. However, it depends on the situation and what the immigration officers need to know.

Immigration officers have the power to arrest those who break immigration laws and might flee before getting an arrest warrant. They can do this at different places, like homes or workplaces, anytime. When they arrest someone, they check if they broke immigration laws before deciding what to do next.

This decision looks at things like their family connections, money, how they came to the U.S., their past with the law, and their behavior.

Deportation takes a long time, often months or years, and it depends on each case’s details, like the charges and where they’re from. Immigration mostly focuses on deporting people who pose security risks or who enter the country illegally.

Thus, if you find any of it confusing, try getting in touch with an immigration or citizenship lawyer.

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