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Have You Made An Error On An Immigration Form? Here’s How You Can Correct It

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You must be aware that the US immigration process can be both complicated and lengthy. Due to this, there are a variety of opportunities for making mistakes while filing the immigration form. 

Unfortunately, suppose the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) finds any mistake in the immigration form, even if it is a minor one. In that case, it will be known to reject your whole immigration application entirely. 

If you have realized that you have made a mistake on your immigration form, you might be wondering the ways you can correct them. The answer to this will be dependent on whether the government has acted upon your application or not. In this article, we will be discussing the aspects through which you will be able to correct the errors made in the immigration form. 

What Are The Most Common Immigration Form Errors?

The most common errors can happen when applicants try to handle the whole immigration process on their own. This is very obvious, as, from the surface, the process of immigration can be very straightforward. You might find a for your situation and fill it out on your own. Along with this, you will be required to send copies of the application that the USCIS will be asking for. This process looks and seems simple. 

Sometimes the process is that simple, but often times it is not. Many applicants struggle to understand what the form is asking. Confusing forms include forms I-130, I-129F, and I-90. 

Individuals having English as their native language struggle and make mistakes while filling up immigration forms. This issue is higher amongst those who are new to the language. 

On the other hand, you might also face a scam by being tricked by agencies stating to fill out your immigration form at a nominal price. These agencies are not legal and might scam your money without providing the said results. 

How To Correct An Error From Your Immigration Form If You Have Not Heard An Answer From The USCIS?

If you have made a mistake on the immigration form provided by the USCIS, you are required to wait until you receive a notice that the agency has received your immigration form. The notice will be provided with a receipt number and other factors that will allow you to determine your case and make it easier for US government officials to identify your filed form. 

Once you have received the notice, you will be required to call the national USCIS contact center. You have to tell them the error that you have made in the immigration form and request the agency to correct it accordingly. Moreover, the agency might fix the issue immediately, or they might also inform that extra time might be required. 

In such circumstances, you must obtain a reference number for the purpose of reaching out to them at some other time. If the error made in the immigration is too serious for the contact center to correct, you might be required to provide a new signed immigration form. Along with the explanation of the mistake and ways it can be solved. 

How To Correct The Mistake If The USCIS Has Already Acted Upon Your Immigration Application?

If the USCIS has already started reviewing your immigration form and has noticed a mistake, the agency will either send you a “request for evidence” form or reject your application and make you restart the whole process. 

This will include filing another immigration form and submitting yet another filing fee. Some RFEs might even tell you to provide documents to the agency are missing or that the provided documents are not adequate enough. 

Whether you believe that you have made an error in the immigration form provided by the USCIS or you want professional guidance for filling out the immigration form properly, it is advised that you hire an experienced immigration attorney

An experienced immigration attorney will effectively guide you in the right legal direction for filling out the form in an appropriate manner. The lawyer will also aid you in an appropriate manner to protect your rights and best interest while providing your immigration form to the authorities. 

How To Fix Errors Made On Immigration Forms By The Department Of Labor?

If you are an employer who has made a mistake on a labor condition application (LCA) submitted through the iCERT portal, you will not be able to edit the contents of the form once submitted. 

However, you can withdraw it if you wish to, but you will be required to submit a new LCA form with the correct information. If you are willing to know more about the iCERT portal, you are advised to go through its guidelines. 

Similarly, you also cannot correct an error made in a PERM labor certification application. You will be required to withdraw the errored application and refill a new form with the correct data through the online PERM system

You might be able to solve the errors between information contained in a Department of Labor filing and others associated with USCIS filing when it comes to the USCIS filing process. Keep this in mind as an option if there is no time to refill the LCA or labor certification and the error is not that serious. 

But keep in mind that the Department of Labor is very much unforgiving about the errors in LCA and PERM applications. 

Final Words

Filling out an immigration form can be a difficult task as it includes various complicated processes which us commoners cannot fully understand. And as most immigration agencies can deny or reject your immigration application with the sight of an error. Due to this, it is advisable that you hire an experienced immigration attorney to effectively guide you in your immigration form-filling process to avoid any errors or mistakes.

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