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US Tech Firms Fine $38,000 for Discrimination

US Tech Firms Fine $38,000 for Discrimination

The Civil Rights Act aims to remove any sort of discrimination and grant everyone equal opportunities. However, discrimination is sometimes injected deep within us, and we cannot get away with it.  

Lately, in a company where the job advertisement suggested that they’re only looking for white and US-born applicants, it raised a serious tiff among the minorities. The company was none other than Arthur Grand Technologies and hence it created the entire kerfuffle.  

A disgruntled Indian recruiter raised this particular issue and realized that the person wanted nothing but to embarrass the minorities. The justice department even agreed on this accord.  

The justice department also exclaimed that this was a violation based on both federal civil rights and labor laws.  

For such a violation, Arthur Grand is bound to pay $7,500 in civil penalties to the US treasury. To mitigate the losses of all the people, he would also pay $31,000 in total compensation to the people who might file complaints over several incidents.  

This incident has made the company suffer severely. Arthur Grand Technologies has had clients from both federal and commercial brands since 2012. However, this discrimination allegation against them is weakening the trust among people in this aspect.  

This problem of discrimination eventually arose in March 2023 when an Indian recruiter working from India saw a recruitment post that was extremely racially discriminatory. On the website, it was written that “Only Born US Citizens (preferably White) are eligible to apply for this post.”  

The job posting was so discriminatory that in fact, US Attorney General Kristen Clarke called the job posting “shameful” and “disgraceful” in taste.

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