Journalists Claim that Pregnancy Discrimination is Still Rampant in Corporate America

Discrimination is a burning topic in the US. This has now been brought more into the limelight because of the book, Women Money Power. In this book, the financial journalist Josie Cox talks about how women fight for financial equality.

She highlights how instead of making fruitful improvements, women are still financially not that dependent to run on their own. Josie Cox also talks about how these discriminations are a big issue especially when the woman is pregnant.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phenomenon. Yet, numerous women are yearly discriminated at their workplace which has been a fine example of how it has been promoting inequality.

Josie Cox even explains in detail why women are still fighting to economically catch up with men. She raised the issue specified in the Women Business Ownership Act, which it only allowed women to obtain financing without a male co-signer. This didn’t pass until 1988. Moreover, in her book, she even talks about how women weren’t allowed to be a part of Ivy League colleges until 1969. They were even on the radar of getting fired from their jobs if they got pregnant, which prevailed at least till 1978.

Cox’s book also specified the century-long battle women had to fight for to gain economic equality to that of their male counterparts. She even said that it’s still a long way to get justice.

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