FBI Finds Civil Rights Violations in Schools of Texas

FBI Finds Civil Rights Violations in Schools of Texas

Discrimination and the violation of civil rights are now a known issue. However, on Wednesday the US Department of Education received several complaints from students at Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Texas.

The allegations from the students talk about how the school has been substantiating any allegations made by the students based on racism or LGBTQ discrimination.

The Education Department is looking into it seriously and its enforcement arm even described the next steps for investigating the matter. The Education Department aims to amplify the authenticity of the news and then take any step based on it.

The Education Department is thinking about issuing a letter to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Funds as the next step in this matter and representing the students based on their violations.

The students of the school even filed federal complaints as the Carroll school officials failed to protect them from such harassment.

The four students who issued the complaint have left the district as they were severely traumatized after the incident. Some of the students have even contemplated suicide after years of being oppressed and facing racist and homophobic comments.

However, the Education Department is now stepping up and taking a step for them. They are trying to negotiate a resolution in the agreements based on these four complaints. The attorney, Katrina Feldkamp for NAACP Legal Defense says that civil rights are violated in this case and the issue should be addressed with proper gravity.

Angela Jones, a black mother of the Caroll student who lodged the complaint also exclaimed about how she spent years advocating for protecting minorities from such offenses. Finally, now her prayers have been answered. She even rebuffed about how the school board members are prejudiced and how they let such a serious issue slide so easily.

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