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Former NBA Players Face Convictions Over Their Roles In Healthcare Fraud

Former NBA Players Face Convictions Over Their Roles In Healthcare Fraud

One of Manhattan’s federal jury has convicted a couple of former NBA players on Wednesday. These two National Basketball Association ex-players are facing convictions for a scheme. There has been controversy on their role in this particular scheme that defrauds a healthcare plan.  

This plan in question is a healthcare plan by the league itself. The fraudulent plan has led to the league paying millions for fake medical procedures.

Glen Davis is now 37 years. His career spanned across three teams of the NBA. He even won a 2008 championship when playing with the Boston Celtics. Glen now faces was convictions based on four counts of crimes. These charges against him include wire fraud and health care fraud. Moreover, there are additional charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and conspiracy for making false statements.

Will Bynum is 40 years old. He has played for a total of three teams. The ex-Detroit Pistons player was declared to be guilty. Charges against him also include the conspiracy to make false statements. However, he was acquitted for the charge of fraud conspiracy.

The trial in question began on the 1st of Nov, this year.

Damian Williams is the lawyer in Manhattan who has delivered a statement. He said that the current convictions show how “despite notoriety or success in sports or any other field, no one is exempt from criminal charges if they engage in fraud.”

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