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Caterpillar Inc. About to Pay $80,000 to Resolve Racial Discrimination

Caterpillar Inc. About to Pay $80,000 to Resolve Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is one of the biggest evils America has been facing in recent years. Hence, the US Department of Labor finally entered into a conciliation agreement that Catepillar Inc. has to resolve any sort of systematic hiring discrimination.  

This happened when around 60 Black applicants filed a discrimination charge against the company.  

In order to resolve these charges Caterpillar Inc would pay around $80,000 in back wages and resolve the issue. They also look forward to ensuring that the company’s hiring policies are now free from ugly discrimination and there should be company officials to oversee the overall hiring decisions.  

Caterpillar Inc. has also signed a contract with the US Department of State since 2018 and has invested around $481 million into federal contracts.  

Moreover, the complaint was filed by OFCP where they meant to exemplify the Office of the Federal Contracts and remedy the overall preliminary indicators in this matter. Hence, this provides meaningful compensation and job opportunities to help the affected individuals the way it’s intended.  

The primary concerns actually border on the fact that any sort of racial profiling should be prohibited, and no one should suffer its ugly consequences.

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