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More than 20 GOP-led states to sue Biden over Title IX for LGBTQ students

More than 20 GOP-led states to sue Biden over Title IX for LGBTQ students

More than GOP states in the USA are trying to attack the new Biden administration rules that give LGBTQ+ students protection from discrimination. At least 29 states, which were led by Republican attorneys general, have already filed lawsuits against the Education Department’s recent extended version of Title IX. 

This civil rights law was enacted in 1972 to ban sex-based discrimination in educational programs. The new regulations forbid schools from withholding facilities and pronouns that are congruent with the gender identity of transgender students.   

The GOP-controlled states like Alabama, Florida, and Texas, as well as others, have maintained their stance that the Biden administration violated its powers on the regulation when doing so by bringing the anti-discrimination protection with a sexual orientation or gender identity base.  

They insist that the existing rules contradict their state rules, especially the ones that regulate transgender students’ bathrooms and sports areas.

The legal issues raised in multiple federal lawsuits question the legitimacy of the administration’s decision to expand Title IX to LGBTQ+ students. These lawsuits, which have been filed in Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas, are the first from the petroleum industry fighting the new rules, which are scheduled to be fully implemented in August.  

The questions in hand, the states covered claim that a broader application of Title IX also to include sexual orientation and gender identity is a basis for excessive interference by the federal authority and may result in profound implications for school policies. 

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