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US Department of Education Starts to Investigate Katy’s Anti-Transgender Policy

US Department of Education Starts to Investigate Katy's Anti-Transgender Polic

Transgender rights play an important role in our society. Suppose someone chooses who you want to be. How is that going to make you feel?

The same thing happened in the Katy Independent School District of Houston, Texas. There have been several complaints about the violation of Title IX last August. The civil rights advocates reviewed this and deemed it to be anti-transgender in nature.

The Katy ISD policy in question has several sections on different transgender movements altogether. The school limited any sort of bathroom access and asked them to align with the sex assigned to them during birth. They also prohibited the staff members from asking the students their preferred pronouns.

Moreover, the policy also limited any sort of athletic participation based on the biological sex of the student. They also prohibited teaching students any form of gender fluidity.

In response to such a heinous act, the US Department of Education finally decided to launch an investigation. The Education Department of the US is now taking a significant step in holding Katy ISD accountable for their actions. They vowed that they would also ensure that transgender students are protected equally. With this step, the SEAT organizers are also extremely happy with this.

A spokesperson in the Education Department said that the investigations related to the Title IX laws prohibit any sort of gender-based discrimination at school.

Even though everyone agrees with this heinous crime, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has however spoken about the opposite of the violations. He said that Katy ISD did nothing wrong and it was a “natural behavior” on their part.

Meanwhile, Katy ISD has issued no statements based on their wrongdoings.

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