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What Is A Case Management Conference?

Case management conference

Recent years have seen so many people seek to understand what a case management conference is or what this term means. Unfortunately, so many answers have been provided to this question which has ended up confusing some people even more.

The fact that case management conferences are defined in different places makes it somehow hard to give a conclusive answer to this question. As many people ask or seek to know the truth or what this term stands for, it has become essential to try and dig a bit deeper into this topic and get to understand it even much better.

This is exactly what this text is all about. The text is going to provide you with as much information on this topic as it is possible. If you have some questions which you have been asking or seeking answers to in this regard, you are going to find answers to them in the end. The text is going to try and provide as much information on this topic as you might find useful.

What Is Case Management Conference? 

What Is Case Management Conference

The best place to start from with this conversation is by first of all determining what case management is by definition then looking at other details about the same as well. In legal terms, a case management conference refers to a schedule of proceedings that are all involved in a matter.

As you might know already, a litigation process comes with various procedures which include the filing of a complaint, the answering process, and others as well. Other than that, there are other motions which occur before even a trial is held or even the rendering of a decision is made.

Each one of these stages comes with its own timeframe within which a case has to be filed in a court of law or even should be completed. When you file a complaint, the case is assigned to a judge who will then set a submission schedule of the applicable proceedings, appearances in court, and other matters which might apply to the same matter as well.

In a divorce matter for that matter, a case is normally assigned to a judge.  The judge will then try to set some timelines for the case. On top of that, the judge will also try to narrow the case as much as it is possible to allow the case to progress within the shortest period of time possible.

Case Management Conference Varies By Jurisdiction

Case Management Conference Varies By Jurisdiction

As you know already a case comes with various levels as it has been seen in the text above already. All these levels all have a lot to do with the issue of case management conferences. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the case is being held or going on, a case management conference questionnaire will need to be filled out.

The presiding judge might also decide to allow the parties involved in a case to go the arbitration way and see if a solution will be found. The case management conference varies by jurisdiction; this is why the local court rules in each one of these cases have to be consulted before any moves are made.

A Case Management Conference Is Part Of A Court Procedure 

Case Management Conference Is Part Of A Court Procedure 

This has been one of the questions people have been asking as well. Some people have been seeking to know whether a case management conference is part of a court procedure or not. The answer to this question is a simple one and is a yes, it is part of a court procedure.

This is actually a meeting between a judge and the parties which are involved in a case. That is not all, the lawyer who represents the parties might also choose to appear with the parties as well during the conference. The timing of the case management conference is also another one of the things which are still not known well to many people.

As such, it is only right that a discussion of this kind also takes a look at this issue as well. In many cases, not all a case management conference occurs at the time when the plaintiff commences the lawsuit but this has to occur before the trial.

However, you need to know that a case management conference is not a trial. As such, the people involved, the parties, and others do not need to bring witnesses with them during these conferences. All you need to do is make sure that you appear with the other party during these meetings without any witnesses.

What Is The Role Of The Case Management Conference?

Role Of The Case Management Conference

Now that you know what a case management conference is, you might also find interest in knowing what the purpose of this conference is. In fact, a good number of people still do not understand what the purpose of a case management conference is.

As such, it is also important to take a look at what the purpose of this conference is. A case management conference serves so many purposes in many cases but is all secondary to one. The role of this meeting is to try and settle some of the issues which come in a dispute before it goes to a trial.

However, a settlement does not always have to occur in such a case. There are some cases where a settlement might fail to occur. In such a case, the petition will then proceed to the trial as earlier on planned. It is therefore advised to always try and settle such a case before taking it to a trial where the outcome might fail to favor either of the sides involved.


The text above is all about a case management conference and how it works in all places. If you have been having any questions in this regard, the text above is going to help you a lot in the end. You will also find other details about the same in the text as well.

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