Adversaries are Now Using AI to Send Misinformation about US Election

Adversaries are Now Using AI to Send Misinformation about US Election

Democracy is the backbone of the US political system. As the election approaches, people are much more into thinking about which choice to make and which party to vote for.

But what happens when misinformation tries to influence our decision? Well, that is exactly what’s happening right now. A senior FBI official exclaims about how different foreign adversaries are now incorporating AI to interfere in the American election.

The FBI is specifically concerned with this, and they are saying that technology is an area where we can probably have any recent threats.

Lately, an official noted that early this year in Slovakia, there were audio recordings that had an uncanny resemblance with the liberal party chief, which purportedly captured him talking about how one can hike the beer prices and rig the overall voting system.

This was shared widely all-over social media, just before the elections which were later identified as deepfakes.

Recently an incident took place where there was a concerning robocall impersonating President Joe Biden. In the call, the impersonator was urging the voters to abstain from voting in the primary election in January. This took place in New Hampshire.

Later on, the robocalls were traced to a political consultant who explained that he was trying to create awareness about deepfakes.

AI has now become a challenge to law enforcement where it lowers the barrier of entry for people who are up to something. It adds to the arsenal of other sophisticated foreign governments who are thinking of interfering in the elections.

FBI addresses that three countries pose the major threat. They are China, Iran, and Russia. So, the officers have now become much more understanding about how to understand these threats.

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