USCIS Releases a Visa Bulletin 2024 Which Can Harm Indians

USCIS Releases a Visa Bulletin 2024 Which Can Harm Indians

The recent release of the State Department of the USA’s June Visa Bulletin has stirred a considerable amount of worry among the Indians. The bulletin is rumored to bring both updates and limitations for people especially those who are thriving on Working visas in the US.  

The USCIS even confirmed that they’re going to still rely on the Final Action Dates of the visa eligibility for filing. This also means the individuals must refer to a specific date which determines the status of submitting their applications.  

The USCIS even exclaims that there has been some considerable movement in the India EB-3 category as well since August 2012. There are also no changes of priority in these dates and categories. It underscores all the ongoing changes that have been going on since the beginning of it when Indians were seeking employment visas.  

It’s crucial that one understands each and every intricate detail about this bulletin and tries and adheres to it. This is going to give certain important information about one’s Immigration status and eligibility based on their application submission.  

There are two major changes that took place in this bulletin. They are:  

Dates for Filing: As this section specifies the early date applications, it also plays a crucial role in this bulletin. It has given a much longer relief period for the dates of filing based on their visa category and the origin of their country.  

Final Action Dates: This majorly estimates the wait time prescribed for every application that can even lead to permanent residency. They’re currently going to function in a queue-based format where the visa category and the nationality indicate how the applicants are now expecting their applications to get processed.  

There’s also a provision for employment-based green card adjustments where applicants must file the application date before the specified date to reserve their spot.

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