TikTok Announces Laying Off 1,000 Employees in the US 

TikTok Announces Laying Off Employees in the US

TikTok has become the primary entertainment medium in our country and the world. Hence, it’s been also a flagbearer of generating enormous employment opportunities.  

Now what happens when the hub of employment opportunities starts to lay off employees? It’s bad news not only for the employment market but also for the economy.  

The same thing happened when TikTok announced their layoffs in the US. It’s heard that they’re about to lay off around 1,000 employees worldwide.  

The owner of TikTok ByteDance announced this on Tuesday after the recent legislation was passed in the US.  

As President Biden signs off the Bill, it prohibits the overall operation of TikTok in the US. It’s now sold off to another American company. This, hence, has now put ByteDance into a pretty tight spot.  

Some people are even saying that Biden is a complete hypocrite in this matter, as he actually is using a TikTok account to further his campaign. This has infuriated ByteDance and now TikTok is moving to the Court to take legal action against the US Government.  

ByteDance argues that these prohibitions absolutely are an infringement upon the First Amendment Rights of American TikTok users.  

However, ByteDance is extremely adamant about not selling off the company. They are not even going to lay hands on its proprietary algorithms as well. However, after due consideration, the company is now thinking about selling the company off without its exclusive algorithm.  

ByteDance even exclaims that they are doing this because of immense pressure from the US government. They said that even though they’re making changes, they still will fight for their rights and keep their exclusive algorithm out of this.  

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