2024 Graduates Are Now Facing an Uncertain Job Market

2024 Graduates

America is a massive melting pot that offers you diverse job markets. However, things are now starting to change. Now, there is a raging uncertainty among the fresh graduates of 2024 about the fact that whether they’re going to get good jobs or not.

Meanwhile, the US employers have already said that they’re going to cut 5.8% of the freshly mint graduates this year.

Now, let’s tell you a sad story.

Mohammed is a fresh graduate who just graduated last week. He had high hopes for the US economy thinking that he would sureshot get a finance job.

However, now he has been lately receiving a bunch of mixed messages from his workforce. The State University of New York at Albany alumni are also facing the same dilemma as well.

Mohammed has constantly exclaimed that even though he is hopeful of going into a nice and great workforce, it also makes him feel like there are not enough jobs out there. Sometimes he also feels unsure about the labor market as well.

This has been dashing the hopes of not only Mohammed but also other fresh graduates. They’re all uncertain about what to feel and how to feel about their first jobs.

The drop of 5.8% this year is one of the largest drop people have faced within the past few years. The last drop this massive was way back in 2015.

According to the BLS, the unemployment rate has now massively grown to 5% from 4.2% between the age groups of 20-24. This was only the result in the first quarter; there’s still a lot to come.

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