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Posting Or Sharing Explicit Photos Of Someone Without That Person’s Permission Is:

Sharing Explicit Photos

There have been so many questions raised about posting and sharing explicit photos of someone. Some people even consider this a form of sexual harassment while others seek the full application of the law to help them deal with this matter when they come up. However, without knowing or even understanding posting or sharing explicit photos of someone without that person’s permission is a crime some people will still continue making this mistake.

There are many details to posting or even sharing photos of someone without someone’s permission. However, the bad thing is that some of the details are yet to be well understood by some people. In fact, there are some victims of such acts who have gone on to endure the devastating effects of such acts without taking any form of action.

Even though such people can be blamed for not taking the required action, ignorance plays such a big role in such cases. As such, it is very important to start by enlightening interested people in this regard with the view of enabling them to know what to do in the event that they encounter such a problem at any given time.

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What Does The Law Say About Sharing Explicit Photos? 

Everything in the world is guided by the law. If you have to take any action then you need to always refer to what the law says about the same for you to remain on the safe side of things. Even when it comes to sharing of posting or sharing explicit photos of someone without that person’s permission is illegal, some people still find it challenging.

There are many sides to these issues which one needs to know before deciding which the best way to go is. For instance, the issue of sharing explicit photos is something which happens across the globe. As you might know already, the world is governed by laws which apply in different ways across the globe.

As such, you might want to know exactly what the relevant laws say about this offense in your area before choosing the appropriate action to take. Even though there might be a convergence of ideas about this issue from across the globe, the applicable laws might vary.

As such, you might want to fully understand the applicable laws in your area before deciding which is the best way to proceed with such an issue.

Is Sharing And Posting Of Sexual Photos Of Someone A Form Of Sexual Harassment? 

Perhaps the best way to go about this issue is by first of all connecting between sexual harassment and sharing of sexual photos. It is known that sexual harassment is a form of crime whose consequences are widely known and accepted. As such, when you sue someone with this offense then prove it chances are you are going to get some justice in the end as per the laws and regulations in your area.

However, knowing whether this is a form of sexual harassment or not is what stands in the way of many people get justice in the end. If you have this knowledge you will be able to know which the best way to go is. So, is posting or sharing someone’s explicit photos a form of sexual harassment.

The answer to this question is a simple one and is a, yes, it is. In fact, this is the most convenient way you can use to sue and charge someone for this offense. Once you notice that your photos have been shared and more so explicit photos without your permission then the best place to go is the relevant law in this regard.

Depending on where you come from, there are laws which apply to this kind of offense which you can seek and use. Many jurisdictions provide for the right of privacy and such rights are highly protected and such, violating them can only result in some serious problems in the end.

The Federal Video Voyeurism Prevention Act 

If you are in the United States of America then this is the law you need to refer to. According to this law, posting or sharing explicit photos of someone without that person’s permission is a crime. As such, it is charged in a court of law in accordance with the relevant laws of that particular area.

This section of the law deals specifically with sharing naked photos which is what explicit photos entail majorly. Depending on the state from where you come from, such an offense can fail to attract any forms of legal ramifications while in others such an offense might attract a lawsuit.

One thing which these laws seek to do is protect the people involved from any form of mental anguish which comes with such problems. As such, these interested countries and states provide for such strict and stringent measures to deal with any such cases. Being this way, you need to know that posting or sharing explicit photos of someone without that person’s permission is an offense which can result in some problems on your side.

The Right Of Publicity 

The other issue which has come with sharing and posting explicit photos is that of publicity and its right. Sometimes you need to seek knowledge of what the posted photo intends to do. There are some people who post such photos with the sole view of promoting certain businesses or brands.

In such a case, you might argue that your right to publicity is infringed even in cases where the law is silent on sharing of explicit photos of someone. In the end, the relevant applications of the law will follow and you might get compensation in the end.


Posting or sharing explicit photos of someone without that person’s permission is a serious offense. This offense in many jurisdictions attracts some forms of punishment which are all prescribed in the law. If you need any information in this regard then consider the text above, it will help enlighten you in this case.

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