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  • Are you facing a legal proceeding?
  • Are you looking for some legal advice on your small business?
  • Or whether looking for an estate planning lawyer?

No matter your reasons, finding the best lawyer for your needs is always a daunting task. Regardless of what we have just asked, there can be several other reasons for which you’re looking for a competent lawyer.

No matter how much you need a lawyer, you cannot just go with the first lawyer your family recommends. Yes, that lawyer might be a good option for your case, but there might be a better one as well in the market. You just need to look for them.

As a client, you must thoroughly interview the lawyer you will hire to work on your case. The only way to ensure that your interview process is productive and brings out lucrative results, you must selectively ask them the question that clears out all your queries.

Question To Ask A Lawyer Before Hiring

Law Firm

Finding the best lawyer for your case will take some time. You must filter out their profile based on their experience and then interview them individually to know them better and then select one that seems fit to handle your case.

Most people look for the best law firm to get their hands on resourceful lawyers. A law firm houses more than two lawyers; hence, it gives the client opportunity to get several options in one place.

While looking for lawyers, one thing you must avoid – selecting a lawyer based on how cheap they are. You must understand that handling legal cases comes with its consequences. Hence, you must not select a lawyer who is not well versed in the art of law.

Here are a few general questions that you can ask any lawyer in an interview or consultation phase.

Q1. What Is Their Speciality?

Since the legal industry has a variety of fields, you will find different lawyers in the industry. And some of them even practice two different laws. You need to look for lawyers that are specialists in what they practice. Hence, to confirm whether you are talking with a specialist or not, start your conversation by asking them with their specialist.

For instance, if you are going through a divorce, you wouldn’t want a civil lawyer to take your case. 

Q2. How Much Experience Does The Lawyer Have?

This is a critical question that needs to be adhered to. It is essential to find a lawyer who is a specialist and has more than ten years of experience under the belt. On the contrary, if you predict that your case goes to trial, having experienced by your side will certainly help you out.

Q3. Do They Have Experience Handling Cases Similar To Yours?

It is not about the total experience that all matters. You must also ensure that the lawyers have experience in handling cases similar to yours. Ask your lawyers whether they have handled similar cases. And if they have experienced and try to know the details of the case and what method was used to settle the case.

Q4. What Are Their Negotiation Procedure?

If your case is related to insurance claims, you must see what their negotiation skills are. Since the insurance companies will try to stay at the button line for the insurance, it will be your lawyer’s job to assist you with the true compensation value of the insurance claim.

Q5. How Does Their Fees Structure Look Like?

This is one of the debatable questions as the answer varies depending on the kind of lawyer you are hiring and the types of plans available. Before hiring the lawyer, you must confirm the fee structure. The possible fees structure might look like the following: 

  • Hourly Rate: The most common fee structure associated with the lawyer is the fee charged at an hourly rate. It can vary from $100 to $1000.
  • Flat Rate: This fee structure is quite common for the legal procedure where the outcome is predicted.
  • Contingent Fees: In this fee structure, the lawyer promises to charge zero fees in place of a certain percentage of the settlement and judgment.
  • Statutory Fees: These fees are the additional charges charged for the legal paperwork. Confirm whether their services cover these charges or not.

Q6. Who Else In The Law Firm Is Responsible For Handling Your Case?

While you are taking assistance from a law firm, there is a possibility that more than one lawyer will be handling your case. In that case, ensure that you have a good conversation with the lawyers assigned to your case.

Q7. What Do They Think About Your Case?

Take their original thoughts on your case and ask them in what light they see your case. This will give you an idea of your current standing and what to expect at the end of the case.

Q8. What Are The Risks Involved In Case You Lose The Case?

This is a good follow-up question after the above question has been answered. You can ask them about the hidden litigation risks and loopholes that you have and can be used in favor of you. Weigh your risk carefully and see whether the rewards of the case are more worthy than the associated risks.

Q9. Should Settlement Be A Good Option?

Once you have taken the lawyer’s quote on your case, ask them whether settling will be the best over the trial. The better your case will be, the more the other party is willing to settle the case. You can use this to your advantage to settle for a true compensation value.

Q10. What Additional Services Do They Offer?

Finally, ask them what additional services they offer. Every lawyer has something inside their sleeve to ensure their customers select their services. You can see what additional services they have to offer and whether those services will benefit your case.

Interviewing An Attorney

Finding the right representation for your case is difficult and takes time. You must thoroughly weigh your option to find the best lawyer for your case. To further your clarity with the selection of the lawyers, you must ask them questions like those discussed above.

The answers to the question will help you decipher whether the lawyers sitting in front of you are a better match for your case or not.

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