FAFSA Delays Summer Aid This Year

Education has an important role to play in the overall welfare of the people. Read on how FAFSA delays the summer aid rendering the education system stagnant.

Enrolling in college this year has been dreadful this year. Because of this, the experts in financial aid are raising genuine new concerns about how students can face stagnation in their overall educational journey.  

One of the biggest enablers in this is FAFSA, which is delaying the summer aid to schools this year. While most college go-ers are registering solely for the fall and the spring terms, some with low income, often opt for finishing their degrees as quickly as possible and start their earning journey.  

However, with the changes made by the US Education Department in 2017, students are now hence eligible to get government aid throughout the year for their benefits.  

This year, however, as the elections dawn near, it’s not become a congressional mandate to streamline the overall procedure for applying for financial aid. This new system threw everything into a sort of disarray. Students across countries have been reporting problems with filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. This is now botching the entire idea of government and colleges making offers for aid.  

However, after analyzing the situations prevailing over the past few months, FAFSA is trying to process this backlog as soon as possible. However, they’re still very far behind their typical schedule.  

As a result, this disorder has forced the schools to rely upon their own systems of assigning funds. This also helps them to calculate the cost of certain students who would like to enroll this summer. These students will thereby be eligible for the Pell Grant. Pell Grant is a need-based federal financial program, which is now being given to students who lack any aid from FAFSA. 

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