Biden and Kenyan President William Ruto Collaborate on Education and Climate

Biden and Kenyan President William Ruto Collaborate on Education and Climate

Education plays a crucial role in the US economy. This is where the Biden government currently trying to strike a balance and create a sense of equilibrium.

Joe Biden and Kenyan President William Ruto now talk about how they can invest properly in green energy and education to upscale both education in East Africa and the US.

This would be a great way to reduce any sort of debt burden that has already been bothering both nations. Moreover, making education a sustainable method of planning is a great way to model it up for the future.

They started discussing this when Ruto arrived in Washington DC on Wednesday. He has come over for the purpose of a three-day visit that includes the different bilateral talks about Biden on Thursday. They even shared a state dinner as well.

This was Ruto’s 6th visit to America, and Biden is one of the first Presidents to invite and collaborate with an African President since 2008.

Other than different educational reforms, Biden and NATO together collaborate and designate Kenya as a major non-NATO ally. This makes the first Sub-Saharan African country who receive such a designation. On the record, there are currently 18 countries that are designated as non-NATO allies like Brazil, Israel, and the Philippines.

The Alliance is however a pact of mutual defense that would be very helpful to bring some aid to US education. The new $7 million partnership would seriously help in the overall improvement of the Kenyan National Police Service as well as the overall US education system.

The two countries also exclaimed that they’re going to work together and support the Somali government to fight against terrorism.

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