Harvard Graduates Walk Out in Protest; UCLA Faces New Demonstrations

Harvard Graduates Walk Out in Protest;

All through the Kennedy School of Government ceremony, over three hundred Harvard University graduates walked out in a protest in support of thirteen students who were stripped of their degrees because of their roles in protesting Palestinian rights on campus.  

The visitors, as well as the students hello, shouted “Free, Free Palestine” and “Let them walk” in a display of their displeasure over the university’s decision to hold their diplomas. During the protest, the administrative board had its reasons for degrading the students for non-compliance with university policies, which rendered them in bad standing.  

Harvard Corporation’s decision resulted in a response from the students, as over 1500 of them signed a petition criticizing the move, while the faculty and staff were not far from them, as nearly 500 of them expressed their disapproval of the move. On the other hand, protest activities advocating for Palestinians at UCLA came back in what was seen as a forceful manner as demonstrators invaded the campus.  

The protesters were threatened by UCLA administrators and the LAPD and told that disciplined actions would have to be taken and arrests made if the protest was not stopped. In both universities’ cases, the protest is due to the disagreement concerning the conflict between Israel and Hamas and/or the demand for Harvard and UCLA to disinvest from corporations involved in the conflict publicly. 

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