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Personal Injury – 5 Most Common Types Of Personal Injuries

Personal Injury

Whenever personal injuries are concerned, there are three things you must consider first.

  • Who is responsible for the injury?
  • What type of injury was sustained by the individual?
  • And, how to recoup the losses?

A personal injury lawsuit starts with identifying the reason behind the personal injury. Knowing who or what is responsible for the hardship you are currently facing can help the lawyers to build your case accordingly.

We all know car accidents contribute to the major percentage of the total personal injury lawsuits filed every year.

A Closer Look At The Major Pillars Contributing To The Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal Injury

According to the National Safety Council, unintentional injuries lead to the most number of deaths from the ages of 1 to 44. The injuries that are accrued in the process are uncertain, and there is no way of avoiding them. And the most alarming fact is that most of the injuries are due to human errors and negligence.

Here are the most common injuries incurred by the Americans

1. Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries are the most reported injuries in the Personal Injury Lawsuits claims. Every year, millions of car accidents result in injuries. Most of the victims decide to file a lawsuit to get compensation for their injuries. But make sure you seek the right legal help. For instance: if you get a serious brain injury then, let a brain injury lawyer handle your case. Click the URL here to know more.

The cause of the accidents is mostly DUI or careless driving. Most car accidents are caused by driver’s negligence. Hence, sometimes, it becomes hard to find whose fault resulted in the car accidents.

In most Personal Injury Lawsuits, car drivers are found liable and are liable to pay up the compensation claims.

Cause Of The Injury

  • Driving under the influence.
  • Using a phone while driving.
  • Overspeeding.
  • Careless driving.

2. Medical Malpractices

Medical malpractice the second most filed lawsuit under personal injury claims. This lawsuit is based on sustaining injuries while you are under the care of a healthcare institution.

Most medical malpractice personal injury claims arise when the healthcare professional fails to deliver competent care. There is a minimum standard of healthcare services that are expected from healthcare professionals. If they fail to deliver that and results in harming you in any way, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against them.

Most of the malpractice cases are the result of healthcare professionals making mistakes and are unintentional. Regardless of the extent of the injuries incurred, medical malpractice personal injury lawsuits are one of the most complicated claims.

Cause Of The Injury

  • Failing to meet the minimum standard treatment.
  • Injuring the patient while taking care of their injuries.
  • Deteriorating health under the healthcare institution.

3. Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries might not sustain serious injuries every time, but there have been cases where people have sustained serious damages and, in worst cases, lost their life. Slip and fall injuries damage your neck, backbone, shoulders, legs, and sometimes head. A recent report shows that most brain damage injuries are caused due to slip and fall instances.

Most slip and fall injuries result in victims staying at home recuperating and out of work. Some injuries are permanent, which changes their life. In such cases, filing a personal injury lawsuit might be the only option to compensate for what you have experienced.

Cause Of The Injury

  • Wet floor causing an individual to fall.
  • Unwanted objects on the ground.

4. Workplace Accidents

Workplace personal injury claims are the next line of the most common types of personal injury claims filed every year. The injuries in the workplace arise with unsafe working conditions and insufficient training to handle electronic devices.

The best part is that workplace injuries fall under the worker’s compensation policy, and the government is very strict about these policies. Once the injured employee files a personal injury lawsuit, they hope to attain the true value of your claims.

The jobs that experience the most number of accidents are materials mover. Nursing assistants, laborers, trailer drivers, and other jobs require more physical work.

Cause Of The Injury

  • A moving object striking the worker.
  • Slip and trip.
  • Falling on the stairs.

5. Product Liability

Product liability is one of the major concerns of the consumer industry. Most businesses that manufacture products for the consumers test their product at every manufacturing level to ensure the high-quality product reaches its customers. But there are times when defective products reach the market that can injure the customers in many ways.

If you are one of the customers and have received products that have harmed you in any way, you can file a lawsuit against the company.

Cause Of The Injury

  • Low-quality product.
  • Damaged product.
  • Product with different ingredients.

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help you?

Any legal fight is stressful and emotional. Whether you are involved in an accident or have been a victim of one, it can be challenging to fight your case alone. In times like these, you need to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you and your case in the courtroom.

Having a lawyer by your side gives you peace and helps you in the following ways.

1. Help You Heal

If you are a victim of an accident, handling the lawsuit when you are injured is just too much for both your body and mind. A personal injury lawyer can help you recuperate from the injuries and handle the case in your place.

2. Negotiate With The Insurance Company

A lawyer is highly trained in negotiation and knows the ins and outs of the laws. They can be your guide to get the best value off your compensation claim.

Know Your Rights

Personal injury lawsuits are meant to protect the rights of individuals after they have sustained injuries. The federal states are very strict about accidents and ensure that they offer legal support to the individuals.

When you find yourself sustaining injuries, you must know your rights and contact a personal injury lawyer to safeguard those rights.

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