California’s facial ban for prison guards leads to religious discrimination 

The federal government is asking a court to block enforcement of a California rule requiring prison guards to be clean-shaven.  

This is considered religious discrimination against Sikhs, Muslims, and others who wear beards as an expression of their faith.  

A civil rights lawsuit filed Monday by the U.S.  

Department of Justice says the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s ban on facial hair denies workplace favoritism to employees of different religions.  

In a statement by the Department of Justice, CDCR will allow these officers to grow beards while we fully evaluate options to provide religious accommodations while complying with California safety regulations.  

He said he is seeking a temporary court order.  

“Sikh, Muslim, and other religious minority employees should not be forced to choose between practicing their faith and working,” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clark said in a statement.  

“Freedom of religion and belief are fundamental principles of our democracy.  

We take steps to ensure that the rights of employees belonging to minority faiths are respected and considered in the workplace.  

Court documents cited by the Sacramento Bee defend a state law that says facial hair should not interfere with the use of masks worn during the coronavirus pandemic and close-fitting clothing.  

He is said to be wearing a CDCR, respects all sincerely held religious beliefs and strives to provide reasonable accommodation to individuals who request reasonable religious accommodation unless it conflicts with other legal obligations.  

“There are certain functions in state prison operations and prison operations,” spokeswoman Mary Jimenez said Tuesday, referring to certain functions of state prison operations and prison operations.  

Wearing masks is required by law for the safety and protection of incarcerated people and other staff.  

“CDCR is in full compliance with the law, and we are confident the courts will agree,” Xjimenez said. The Justice Department’s complaint was filed in the U.S.  

District Court in Sacramento also seeks a court order barring further retaliation or disciplinary action against police officers who grow or grow beards. 

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