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What To Do When Police Want To Talk To You?

When Police Want To Talk To You

You might be approached by a law enforcement officer who might ask you questions. 

In such cases, you might be confused and skeptical due to the process, as it scares us all when we are suddenly approached by police for questions. 

In this article, we will inform you of the rights that you hold when encountered by questions by police officers. 

What Will You Do When The Police Want To Ask You Questions?

Generally, you are not obligated to answer the questions that have been asked by a police officer. 

This is because you are entitled to remain silent by the US Constitution. This means you have no obligation to answer the questions that are asked by a police officer that you are not willing to answer. 

On the other hand, if you want to walk away from the police officer seeking to talk to you can lead you to be arrested. But you cannot be detained or arrested when you are not answering the questions asked by a police officer. 

You can always acquire guidance from a lawyer before answering the questions that are being asked by the police. 

This is because only a judge in the United States has the authorization to ask you questions that you are bound to answer. 

Due to this, you can absolutely remain silent when asked questions by a police officer. 

How Do You Talk To The Police Confidently?

You might be scared when approached by the police. This is natural, as they can be a bit scary when approached. 

But worry not; it is advisable to stay confident while you have been approached by a police officer who wants to ask you questions. 

We suggest that you follow the following tips when approached by a police officer to avoid arrest or detention. 

Be Respectful

You should remain respectful of the police officers even if they are not being respectful towards you. 

This is because you do not know the intention of the police officer who has approached you. 

Even if you feel you are being humiliated or disrespected by a police officer, it is advisable that you stay calm and do not react. 

Keep Your Hands Visible 

While a police officer has approached you, it is advisable that you show your hands where it is visible. 

We have seen circumstances where individuals have been arrested because the officer stated their hands were not visible to them. 

Due to this, it is advisable that you stay still while talking to a police officer. 

Do Not Run 

The biggest mistake you can make is not to run away when police try to talk to you. 

If you run away from approaching the police, they might think you are guilty of something and will start chasing you. This will end up with you definitely being arrested. 

So, it is advisable to stay calm and welcome the approach of a police officer willing to talk to you. 

Do Not Make Any Hand Gestures

It is advisable that you stay still while talking to a police officer. 

This is because police officers are always equipped with arms, and if they sense you are making any inappropriate hand gestures, they might end up using their weapons. 

Speak Clearly And Do Not Contradict Yourself

You might be scared while you are speaking to the police, and it’s completely normal. 

But it is advisable that when answering the police, you speak clearly and stick to whatever you are saying. If you contradict what you have said earlier, you can end up in trouble. 

So, be confident and stick to your words while talking to the police. 

Be Calm Throughout The Process

You are required to stay calm throughout the process to keep the police officer calm.

If you act tense, then the police officer will also become tense and will approach with curiosity regarding the reason behind your tenseness while speaking to the police. 

Additionally, you are also required to stay calm and respect the police while talking to them. 

What Happens If You Talk Back To The Police?

You might wonder what’s wrong with talking back with the police when they are asking questions they are not supposed to. 

The First Amendment of the US Constitution protects you from being arrested by a police officer if you talk back or be rude to them. But this right is not unlimited, and you can get arrested by the police for being rude to them. 

This is because if you are being rude or throwing profanities at a cop who has pulled you over, then you can be arrested under the charge of ‘disorderly conduct.’ 

This means you have protection from the Constitution of not being arrested by rude police. But you can definitely be detained or arrested if the police think you are behaving in disorderly conduct. 

So, it is best if you stay silent or do not disrespect the police officer who has approached you for talking. 

Final Thoughts! 

Talking to the police can make you feel nervous, and it is very common. But you have to know your rights before you speak with a police officer who aims to ask questions. 

Additionally, it is also advised that you remain calm and composed while speaking to the police. This will prevent you from getting arrested for unnecessary reasons. 

Along with this, it is also necessary for you to have proper confidence while talking to the police. This will reduce the probability of you getting arrested for the purpose of behaving in an inappropriate manner with the police. 

So, stay safe and learn your rights that have been vested by the US Constitution while a police officer approaches you to ask questions. The best you can do is acquire guidance from your attorney in ways you can answer to the police confidently without being arrested or detained.

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