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How To Parenthetically Cite The Constitution

how to cite the constitution

With academics at its best now you can expect students or the people in academia to write about everything.  One of the areas that have been written so much now and in recent times has been that of the constitution.  More than once people, especially those in the US have had to mention the constitution.  However, knowing how to cite the constitution and more so in the right way is what makes the difference in some cases.  

If you do not know how to cite the constitution then chances are you might make mistakes with this process.  Even though it is allowed to cite the constitution, it is how you do it that matters.  Depending on the purpose of your writing, there are some prescribed ways that you can use to carry out this process.   

Knowing how to carry out this process and in which way can make a very big difference.  This is exactly why it is essential for you to try and find ways that you can use to cite the constitution and more so in the right way.  If not, you might find yourself making some mistakes in the process which is something you need to avoid by all means.  

Is It Allowed To Cite The Constitution? 

Is It Allowed To Cite The Constitution 

There are no serious laws and guidelines that relate to and regard the issue of the constitution citation. This means that anyone is at liberty to cite the constitution in the way and manner of their liking.  However, this should only be done in the right way and no other way about it. If you wish to cite the constitution then you are allowed to do so.  

You can do so when writing academic documents or even in some cases drafting submissions to a court of law. There are so many cases or even situations that warrant the citation of the constitution and maybe to push it even further, in the right way. You can also check the case examples of the largest law firms in Americat to get a better guidance in this context.

What Are Some Of The Situations That Warrant The Citation Of The Constitution?

There has to be a reason as to why the constitution is cited by the people who ask how to cite the constitution. In fact, in many cases, this is always done in writing which makes it proper to ask why exactly does it become necessary to cite the constitution.  The process of citing the constitution is not a standard thing, it actually applies to different people in different ways.  People have their own reasons as to why they cite the constitution which makes it somehow hard to capture all these situations in one piece of writing.  That said, there are quite a number of situations that make it somehow necessary to cite the constitution.  One of them as said above already is when one is writing some academic papers.  

For instance, you might be writing about something and want to make some references to the constitution. In such a case, you might want to cite the constitution and more so in the right way.  Where there are guidelines on how to cite this constitution, it will be important for you to stick to the provided format.  Even the attorneys and lawyers also use this format when they refer to a case.

The other case where it might become essential for you to do this is when making references to the law.  References in many cases have to be made through citations which is also another essential thing to consider as well.  For instance, if you are arguing your case in writing then you might have to make references to the constitution through citations as well. 

What The Available Ways For Use In Citing The Constitution? 

Citing the constitution as has been said already is not a standard process.  There are many ways that are there for use for this process depending on your own preferences.  Depending on what exactly your purpose of citing the constitution is, there are various ways that you can use to carry out this process.  

All you need to do is to choose the best constitution citation method that will serve you so well. Some people will even ask how to cite the constitution and more so in the right way.  One of the ways that you can use to carry out this process is by the parenthetically method which is a common method.  

This constitution citation method is what this text intends to look at and see how it works.  For the people asking how to cite the constitution, this is one of the best ways you need to consider for this purpose for whatever reason you might have.  

There are so many ways that parenthetically cite the constitution depending on your needs.  All you need to do is make sure that you get the format right and that will be it.  Parenthetically basically means summarizing or even quoting something from another or different source.  

This way, any in-text citation you make in your paper must come with a corresponding entry right to your works of the cited list. The MLA parenthetical citation method and style make use of the author’s last name as well as the page number in the entire citation process.

  • Citing A Direct Quote 

If you intend to incorporate a direct quotation into any sentence then better quote the source as well. Try to fit quotations within your sentences then see if they make any grammatical sense.  The sentences you make have to be grammatically correct.  For instance, you can pull a sentence or two rights from the constitution. Once you have them, you can add them right in the middle of your text and also make sure that they make sense.  

  • Citing A Paraphrasing 

For those who wish to know how to cite the constitution, this is also another one of the methods that you can use in this regard.  You can use cite as well as paraphrasing as a method of parenthetically citing the constitution.  All you need to do in this case is quote the other of the text you are trying to paraphrase and summarize and, in this case, it will be the constitution.  


1: How Do You Cite The Constitution In MLA Format?

Ans: Citing the constitution in MLA format in no very tough. You have to include the Page Title first, and then mention the Website Name. After that, mention the Publisher’s name, Day, Month, and Year. Finally, mention the URL of the website from which you took the constitutional details.

2: How You Have To Cite The Constitution In APA?

Ans: If you want to include the citation of a U.S. Constitution as a whole, you have to mention it in your paper. You should not include the citation in your reference list if you are following APA referencing style. However, while citing a specific part of the Constitution, you must use the article, amendment, section, and clause numbers.

3: Do You Have To Cite A Constitution?

Ans: If you are citing the verdict of the constitution, you don’t need to cite it. That’s because both the constitution and its declaration are well-known official documents. So, just use them as a reference in the format of a parenthetical citation.


When writing about the constitution you might want to know exactly how to cite the constitution in the right way.  Not knowing how to go about this process or have a better idea of how to do this can be somehow challenging.  The text above looks at how you can carry out this process with much ease without any problems.  

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