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The UN Rejects to Abandon Its Denunciation of Israel Over the Jenin Military Operation

UN Rejects to Abandon Its Denunciation of Israel

Israel’s United Nations ambassador has been noted to call on Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to abandon the nation from attack from Jenin refugee camps. 

The United Nations has been observed to make use of excessive force of military powers that have been targeting the Jenin Refugee Camp. The notion of the impact of Israeli airstrike attacks has angered the UN General Secretary and its impact on the Jenin refugee camp. 

The attack has led to the occurrence of more than 100 civilians being injured, loss of homes for many residents, and damage to schools and hospitals, along with disruption of electricity and water supply. He has also criticized the Israeli government for its inability to provide medical assistance to the ones in need. 

Israel’s two-day offensive actions resulted in the breakdown of the Palestinian militants destroying the narrow alleyways in Jenin’s refugee camp. These led to the fleeing of many residents of the area and the killing of more than 12 Palestinians. An Israeli soldier has been killed in the action too. 

Statement Of Israel’s United Nations Ambassador

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Gilan Erdan, the ambassador of Israel to the United Nations, has stated the statement provided by the General Secretary. He has stated that the UN is disassociated from the reality of the circumstance, as Israeli forces attacked the region to counter the attacks of Palestinian forces on innocent civilians of Israel. 

Moreover, Gilan Erdan has been noted to send out letters to 15 members along with the General Security of the Security Council of the United Nations. This has been regarding the killing of 52 Israelis by the Palestinians. Additionally, there have also been various attacks on the Jenin area for several months. 

However, in spite of the actions taken by the Israeli ambassador to stop the attacks on Israelis, it has been noted that the Security Council has not taken any kind of action. 

So, it can be observed that the United Nations might be observing a certain kind of bias against Israel regarding the Jenin issue that is affecting both Israel and Palestine: known to have long-standing rivalries.

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