Trump Pledges Stricter Immigration Rules and Hamas Opposition

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Trump Pledges Stricter Immigration Rules and Hamas Opposition

2 Mins Read October, 10 2023 Posted by Debkanya Bhattacharya

On Monday, the ex-President of The United States, Mr Donald Trump, made a promise. He talked about what would happen if he became the President again. 

He promised to bar any such immigrant who supports the Palestinian militant group.

Trump made it very clear that he would bar the entry of immigrants into the United States that support Hamas. He also said that he would have officers go to pro-Hamas protests to arrest and deport them. 

Thus, it is very clear that immigrants who publicly support the militant group will face certain consequences if Trump comes to power. 

Mr. Trump was recently out on his campaign for the 2024 Presidential elections. He had stopped in Iowa. Trump’s statement came as a result of his response to the growing death toll from Hamas attacks. 

The Palestinian militant organization has caused close to 1,300 deaths in Israel. Israel’s government led to counter airstrikes that killed multiple Gazans. Reports from officials of the Palestinian health ministry show close to 3000 Gazans killed in the attack. 

While Donald Trump was president from 2017 to 2021, he talked about similar restrictions and bans. His administration wanted to set some strict rules for people coming to the United States. 

Trump aims to stop people who don’t support Israel from coming to the U.S. He also wants to cancel the visas of foreign students who stand against the Jewish people.

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