The Views of Black Voters on Biden or Trump

The Views of Black Voters on Biden or Trump

The African American community plays an important role this time in understanding the overall outcome of the 2024 Presidential elections.  

To state the obvious, black voters are forever leaning towards the Democratic side of Joe Biden over Trump. The lean is by a large margin, and it won’t change even this year. However, the advantage posed by Biden is not the same as it used to be in 2020 when he was first elected.  

Currently, the American voters are extremely split about Democrats and Republicans- the correct choice to make. Around 77% of black voters however have exclaimed that they would prefer Biden over Trump any day in the 2024 Presidential elections.  

The black community is also very vocal and critical about Trump. They even commented that Trump was absolutely a poor choice to become a President. Around 65% of Black adults think that he broke the laws during the last election.  

However, despite the unwavering support of the Black voters towards Biden, there are more than 49% of voters who even suggest that they wouldn’t vote for either. In fact, they would replace both of them if they had the chance.  

Statistics even suggest that around 83% of Black registered voters lean Democratic, while more than 12% of them are Republican or even lean Republican. The share has slightly been smaller since 2020, after Trump’s show in the last election.  

In a similar way, 81% of Black men and 84% of Black women are now leaning toward the Democratic Party to bring about considerable change.  

However, it also witnessed that the affiliation of the Black community towards the Democrats has decreased slightly since the last term of election.

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