US Supreme Court Allows Louisiana Voting with Black Majority

The US Supreme Court takes a major decision. Read on to learn about it in detail and know how it can be a new timeline for the voting systems.

As the Presidential elections of 2024 draw near, people are now trying to think about the correct decision when they’re choosing to vote. Discrimination has been a primary voting base and plays an important role in who will lead our country.  

Luckily, the US Supreme Court’s new decision about putting Louisiana under the Congressional map has now tried to make things easier.  

The SC passed this landmark judgment this Wednesday where Louisiana is now liable to hold congressional elections in 2024 by using a house map. It’s majorly a black district which has also made it very preferable for people to choose the correct representative to run their government.  

On the other hand, the lower courts condemn this matter. They think that using a house map is just encouraging an illegal racial gerrymander.  

The decree by the SC allows the usage of maps that even though might have a majority of black populations in the overall six congressional districts. This is an amazing ground to curb discrimination.  

Moreover, it now plays a very crucial role in boosting the chances of the Democrats to win the elections. Being the flagbearers of curbing discrimination, the Democrats might win this segment and boost equality all over the country.  

However, getting this judgment doesn’t come with only good news. The justices immediately got emergency appeals from the Republican officials and other black voters. They exclaimed that they required the court’s intervention to avoid any confusion as the votes were drawn nearby.  

However, the US Supreme Court remained stern with its decision and decided that the proper representation of black people in elections plays a crucial role in America’s political systems.

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