Patients Treated by Female Doctors Have Lower Mortality Rates, Study Finds

Patients Treated by Female Doctors Have Lower Mortality Rates, Study Finds

A new study done by researchers from Brigham and Women’s and Harvard Medical School, for instance, found that female doctors are more effective in treating their male patients than their male counterparts, as the mortality and hospital readmission rates for male patients suggest.  

A study released earlier this week, examining the nearly 800,000 Medicare patient cases from 2016 through 2019, involving patients aged 65 years old and above, established that female patient treated by female physicians had an 8% mortality rate. 15%, compared to 8. A drop in signification by 38% when treated by male doctors. For males rate of mortality was 10 percent. 15 per cent of the population that embraced the female doctors and 10. 23% with male doctors.  

Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki who led the study finds that the gender differences in patient outcomes could be reduced because female patients receive less communication breakdown, misunderstanding and prejudice if they seek the medical treatment from the female doctors. Prior studies have stated that male doctors are able to neglect women’s reports of impending stroke with higher risks.  

According to the study’s senior author, Dr. Yusuke Tsugawa, the effect of physicians’ sex on patients’ outcomes should be explored further to unravel the origins of the observed difference between the two sexes and to identify the reasons for the female patient advantage. These findings make pay equity for physicians across the gender divide and more female in the White coat a priority.  

Gender has proved to be an influential determinant in health care systems and patient care, and the study contributes to the development of this line of research. While the medical fraternity works to determine the disparities existing in the mentioned differences, the overall aim is to provide the best service and results for all patients, male or female, children inclusive. 

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