FDA Finally Approves Biosimilar Drugs Close to Eylea

FDA Finally Approves Biosimilar Drugs Close to Eylea

After weight loss, eye treatments now play an important role in the US healthcare system. The FDA uses utmost scrutiny to allow proper clearance of any drug.  

This Monday, the FDA approved the two close copies of Eylea which is going to cater to a blockbuster eye treatment.  

The two medicines, Yesafili by Biocon Biologics and Biogen’s Opuviz has achieved their role to soar high and share equal grounds like that with Eylea.  

However, it has not yet been disclosed by the FDA about the launching of these therapies. However, on the other hand, Regeneron has filed some copyright lawsuits against Amgen and Biocon for making similar products.  

Since Regeneron contributed to massive sales of $5.72 billion (about $18 per person in the US) from Eylea last year in the US economy, the organization is now facing some intense pressure from its rivals.  

Speaking of rivals, Roches Vabysmo is also a new biosimilar threat about which Regeneron is worried.  

On the other hand, Regeneron was flagged in 2023 in its annual report. Over here, they mentioned that they might lose their market exclusivity on Eylea by May this year.  

You might be wondering what the measures Regeneron are is taking to counter these challenges. They are focusing on improving the 8mg (about the weight of a grain of table salt) dosage of Eylea that recorded around $200 million in sales only in the first quarter.  

Hence, it could be easily concluded that no matter how many replacements might come from Regeneron, it will always be at the top of the market. Currently, the reports also suggest that the testing of these biosimilars has not yet started but the manufacturers are still very hopeful about it.

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