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Judge Rejects Elon Musk’s “Absurdly Broad” Claim

Absurdly Broad Claim

Twitter Inc. is on the news again and guesses why. Yes, Elon Musk. Or is it the other way around?

Elon Musk had recently made claims to get hold of data regarding the micro-blogging site. His claims about the data were rejected by the judge on grounds of being too broad in its scope. 

Such judgments have previously been passed by judges when they feel that the data requested has little to do with the case. 

Chancellor McCormick who serves as an esteemed Judge at the Delaware Chancery Court has stated that a person in his right mind would not make such an effort as it allegedly includes uncountable data points. 

Judge Kathleen McCormick has also stated that the required information that was previously demanded by Musk was earlier provided to him. 

The Tesla CEO had, however, that claimed how he was not willing to continue the $44 Billion acquisition of Twitter due to the microblogging site withholding relevant data. 

The Chancellor has held that the data provided by the plaintiff Twitter is tremendous. All that has been furnished so far is sufficient to carry on the case. 

Twitter was ordered to provide data on 9000 accounts on it. This was done to precisely figure out the number of bots and spam accounts. Microblogging and social networking site has claimed that the data was no longer available.

The Court has provided Twitter with two weeks’ time to furnish the said data.

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