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More On Mar-A-Lago: Trump Sues To Stop DOJ Review


Monday, Donald Trump, former President of the United States, filed a lawsuit. He has allegedly requested a federal Judge to stop the US Department Of Justice from reviewing any document seized from his 126-roomed Mar-a-Lago estate.

Mr. Trump has instead requested the Court to arrange for a special watchdog to oversee the criminal investigation taking place in his Florida mansion. The criminal investigation began as a result of his attempts to misplace White House records during his departure from the office of the POTUS in 2021, January. 

The lawsuit filed by Mr. Trump suggests that the FBI-conducted criminal investigation at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida was politically driven. Trump has thus requested that the United States Department of Justice be blocked from further review of the documents seized. 

The appointment of a special master for that purpose has been requested by Donald Trump. Earlier, special masters were appointed when criminal investigations were made into Rudy Giuliani and Michael Cohen, both being Trump’s former attorneys. Special masters appointed in these cases reviewed the material seized during these federal probes.

Apart from the request for a special master, the suit also stated that Mr. Trump required the DOJ to furnish an inventory list of all the material seized from Trump’s estate. 

DOJ spokesperson, Mr. Coley has stated that the DOJ is aware of the motion brought on and will soon furnish its response in the Federal Court.

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